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Desks & computer desks

Get to work! Take a look at all our desks and computer tables here. Would you like to change your working posture? Then a sit/stand desk might be something for you. Whether you work from home, want to improve your personal game record or spend hours at the office, a desk or computer table is always there for you.


Whether you're working at home, on the computer at the office or have to do your homework: you will sit (or stand) better at a good desk. That is why our desks are ergonomically sound. There are even four approved for professional use: the sit/stand desks BEKANT, SKARSTA, IDÅSEN and THYGGE. For children, we have children's desks that fit under a loft bed.

Desk top + legs

Can't find the model of desk you want? You can easily create a desk yourself with a table top as the desk top and legs. Use our online planner. All table tops have predrilled holes for the legs near the edge. All table tops, trestles, legs and frames are approved for a maximum load of 50 kg.

Give that desk a chair

Even with a sit/stand desk, you don't always remain standing. Sometimes you want to sit comfortably at your desk. At IKEA, we have lots of office chairs and children's desk chairs.