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Bookcases & shelving units

Do you dream of a wall full of bookshelves? And would your TV and family photos also have a place in the wall cabinet of your dreams? There are some things we'd like to admire every day and that don't need to be hidden behind doors. You'll find smart storage solutions for all your things at IKEA.

Get the best from your bookcase

These days, a bookcase is more than just a place to keep books and magazines. With a few boxes or baskets on the shelf, you can also use your bookcase to keep things that would otherwise be in the way, such as tea lights or hobby items. We have a very extensive range of classic and modern bookcases in all sizes, colours and styles. An affordable bookcase is naturally the ideal place to store all your books, but you can also put DVDs, CDs, pictures or photos on them. If you are looking for a classic bookcase, our extensive, varied BILLY series is ideal. The shelves are adjustable, so books of every size will fit on them, and the glass doors will keep the dust off your things. If you'd really like to put the spotlight on your books and valuable collectibles, cabinet lighting on top of a bookcase is ideal. That also provides atmospheric background lighting.

A wall shelf for every interior

Show what you've got with our wall cabinets! You can go in every direction with open wall furniture: Display all your nice things and books in a row or make a combination with inserts with drawers for storing small items. Separate drawers and doors are available for the KALLAX series, so you can make your own combination of bookcase and storage cabinet. And because the KALLAX bookcase doesn't have a back wall, it is also ideal for dividing a room and using it as a partition wall. We have various widths such as 20 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm wide. Or even cabinets nearly 3 metres wide. And everything in-between. You can neatly store your things on a shelving unit and it gives a spacious feeling.