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Storing your hobby: the knitting and fashion lover

A nice sweater, cosy scarf or warm socks?  Wherever you go there is always a bulb of wool in your bag. With this you make the most amazing creations. Whether it's knitting or crocheting, you're completely absorbed in it. Sewing thread, crochet hooks and wandering bulbs of wool, with these tips you can easily and stylishly clean up the knitting, crochet or sewing items.

Quickly storing your hobby stuff

The soothing sound of tapping knitting pens and the soft buzzing of a sewing machine. With a lot of attention and care you make the most beautiful garments yourself.

Knitting yarn and wool can be stylishly stored in a basket. This way your work is neatly stored and you can quickly grab it if you have a moment to yourself on the sofa.


Storing sewing thread


Nothing is as annoying as sewing thread that is tangled. Organizing sewing thread can be done in a box. But have you ever thought about using a handy hanging board to organize your hobby space?

On the SKÅDIS pegboard you can hang hooks, holders, shelves and racks, with which you can quickly and clearly store sewing thread and pins.

Storing clothes

Of course, your homemade clothes deserve a place of honor in your closet. Choose a cabinet that fits well in the space and matches with your storage needs.

Whether you are looking for a clothes rack or a wardrobe with doors, you can go in all directions. Your closet doors may be able to provide the perfect storage space. Even on top of your closet you create extra storage space with boxes.