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Decorating your bedroom? Our ultimate tips

Decorating your bedroom can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Since we don't want to give you sleepless nights, we made for you The Ultimate IKEA Bedroom File. With these smart bedroom ideas, beautiful dreams are guaranteed!

bedroom decorating tips ikea
bedroom decorating tips ikea

If you do it by the book, you'll spend about a third of your life in your bed. But how do you make sure that your bedroom is a place where you can spend as much time as possible? With our tips, decorating a bedroom is not rocket science. From choosing a comfortable mattress to the decoration, this is how you do it!

Organising your bedroom: the start

Let's start with the basics: the layout of your sleep-inducing domain. How do you determine what you put in which place? Where do you create storage space? What colours are you going to use? Can the walls be painted? It's time to bring out the stylist in you!

Make a floor plan of the room and draw on a separate sheet the furniture that should be in it. If you then cut out the furniture, you can slide a little and try it out - and that without heavy lifting, whoohoo! - and it's pretty easy to find the best setting. Of course, you can also make a digital floor plan, whatever you prefer.

Are you still finding it difficult to decorate a bedroom with a floor plan? If you stick to the simple tips below, then you'll have it done in no time!

Small bedroom? Choose a bunk bed, a bed on legs or one with drawers, which is also useful for extra storage space.

Tips for a small bedroom

Do you have a small, narrow bedroom that barely fits a bed? Slide the bed as close to the wall as possible. Leave some space to walk along it.

If possible, opt for a queen-size bed or a bed that is 140 centimetres wide. Hang a shelf on the wall to use as a bedside table. On the other side of the bed you can place a larger bedside table.

Super handy: a stackable bed. Ideal also for a shared teen room or guest room!

If there is little room for closets and storage, it's a good idea to choose a bed with drawers. Another option is a bed on legs where you can slide storage underneath.

Don't have room for a bedroom closet? Then try to make use of one of the walls by using shelves. If that is not an option, you can put up a clothing rack. Don't overhang it and use the space under the bed for the rest of your wardrobe. Teach yourself not to put anything on the floor. This will give you a more spacious feeling.

Does your small bedroom have a lot of height? Then a loft bed is also an idea. Under the bed you can make a desk or a spot to relax.

Decorating a large bedroom

If you have a medium-sized bedroom, put a nice big bed in it. If the room has no crazy corners, you can go for the classic layout: bed with headboard against the wall and two bedside tables around it.

When decorating a bedroom, a rug is very important. Just look at this bedroom metamorphosis. With a large rug you create extra atmosphere. Choose a rug that is large enough to accommodate the bed and bedside tables.

Use one of the other walls for your wardrobe. You'll create the most peace and quiet with ceiling-high closets in a shade that blends nicely with the colours in the rest of the bedroom. By choosing different handles, you can make the wardrobe more personal.

If you have your clothes in another room, use the open space for a side table or dressing table. With a nice chair in the corner next to it, a very cozy setting is created.

Decorating a bedroom with inconvenient corners

If your bedroom is a bit longer and narrower, then there will often be some crazy corners. Luckily, there are ways to balance things nicely. Put your bed with the headboard against the longest wall. With a large rug and larger bedside tables you can create a cosy look.

Have space left that creates an empty feeling? Turn it into a cosy spot with a chair, a table, a beautiful lamp, a plant and your favourite books.

A sloping wall can also be a great challenge. Put your bed just underneath it. That way, you can get the most out of the space.

Have you determined the general layout? Then get to work with the following tips for your dream bedroom!

Did you know that it's easier to fall asleep in a bedroom that's clutter-free and tidy?

Tidy bedroom = a fine bedroom

In your bedroom, no matter how big or small, peace and quiet is indispensable. Sounds logical, but in practice it's hard to find in many rooms. And it's a lot easier to wake up rested if you don't immediately look at a pile of junk after waking up.

When decorating a new bedroom, it's a good idea to sort out all of your things before you give them a place. Sort out your clothes. What do you really like to wear? What has holes in it? What can you sell? Be mercilessly strict. An outfit that you haven't worn in two years is likely to stay forever in your closet.

Stuff that you really don't want to get rid of, but that you don't need in your bedroom either, can be stored in a watertight storage box in your closet. Look at it again in six months. Can anything be thrown out by now?

Apart from tidying up your stuff, you can also create peace and quiet with the following things:

  • You'll probably feel it coming: no cell phones in bed. We all know it, but it's really healthier to stop scrolling and screen-gazing well before bedtime;
  • Try to eliminate loud noises and noise from outside as much as possible. If you live in a busy place, this can be a challenge. You can get more sleep by putting in earplugs;
  • Prevent your bed from becoming your living room. Huh? Yup. Think of working and eating in bed, if you often do that, your brain will associate your bed with those activities and that's not exactly sleep-inducing;
  • Avoid the 'chairdrobe'. The what? You know, a chair with half your wardrobe on it. Hang clothes to air after wearing or put them in the laundry basket right away;
  • Check the temperature of your bedroom. Most people sleep well in a cool room. If necessary, open a window a little and turn off the heating before you go to bed in the evening.

A test sleep on a mattress is a must. So you can be sure that you are lying properly ...

decorating bedroom ikea
decorating bedroom ikea

Important: a good bed & pillow

The big advantage of lying well on your mattress is that you just want to go to bed. If you have back or neck pain every day when getting up, a new mattress can make a world of difference.

It can also happen that you suddenly don't lie comfortably anymore. This happens, for example, when you gain or lose weight, after a birth or an injury. Don't ignore the sleepless nights. You deserve a good night's sleep.

Do you choose a foam or sprung mattress?

  • Foam moulds itself to your body and gives you the right support. If you often feel cold while sleeping, this is the best choice for you. The mattress keeps you nice and warm;
  • If you go for a sprung mattress, your body will be supported by bonnell- or pocket springs. The good air circulation keeps your mattress nice and fresh and does the same for you! If you are often warm in bed, a sprung mattress is ideal for you.

When choosing a mattress, also take your partner into account. Do you have totally different needs? Then go for two single mattresses and put a topper on top of it. So you can sleep without a trench in the middle, but on a mattress that is perfectly suited to your body.

You don't know if you are lying comfortably on a mattress until you have slept on it. Those five minutes in the shop are far too short. That's why you should always choose the ones that you can bring back if you're not sleeping on them properly in real life. IKEA mattresses can be tried out for 90 days. Not a match? Then you just exchange it.

Sidenote: give yourself time to get used to your new mattress. It may be that the first few days on a new mattress you are not at all comfortable. This is because your body has to adapt. Take a look at how it feels after at least a week, for example.

decorating bedroom ikea

Useful facts about the pillow

Sleeping well is a lot easier when you're lying comfortably. Also indispensable in bed? A good pillow. This way you can determine which type of pillow is suitable for you.

Do you sleep on your stomach? Then you have your neck in a neutral position without too much pressure. Choose a soft pillow.

Back sleeper? Provide a medium pillow. This will prevent your head from being pushed forward too much. If you notice that you often have a stiff neck in the morning, a pillow that is too thick could be the reason for this. Try a thinner one.

Do you like to lay on your side? Then you have the largest gap between your ears and shoulders while sleeping. Supporting your neck in this position requires a lot of a pillow. So, lie down on a hard pillow, as it fills the space best.

With curtains you can hide an open wardrobe away. This creates a lot of peace and quiet in your bedroom. Nice!

Choosing a bedroom wardrobe

Another major purchase for your bedroom is your wardrobe. What do you have to watch out for?

  • Selection moment 1: an open or a closed wardrobe? The advantage of open is that these wardrobes are less noticeable. At the same time, all clothes out in the open can create a messy look. You don't want an open wardrobe? Then use curtains to close it;
  • Selection moment 2: hinged doors or sliding doors? There is little difference in terms of look, but if you want to save space, sliding doors are perfect!
  • Selection moment 3: a mirror in or on the wardrobe (door) or next to the wardrobe? Check the place where the closet will be placed in your bedroom. It's nice when some daylight falls on the mirror;
  • Selection moment 4: the lighting ... Very useful if you want to find your clothes in the early morning. Check if there is enough space to place a light on top of your closet;
  • Selection moment 5: the colour of your wardrobe. Always go for a colour that suits your bedroom. If the wardrobe is placed in front of a white wall, then white is always a good option. Nice and serene.
bedroom decorating tips ikea
bedroom decorating tips ikea

Relaxing colours for your bedroom

A calm atmosphere in your bedroom has a lot to do with the use of colour. Brighter, primary colours are often very energetic. And that affects your mood. You'll be more comfortable if you choose cooler colours anyway. Think of: neutral shades, blue, green and gray.

Mix white with one or more pastel shades. Or paint a wall in a (soft) contrast colour and keep the rest quiet. It's also nice to add a little colour to the ceiling. Especially if you have a high ceiling, it doesn't hurt in terms of spaciousness. If your ceiling is a bit lower, choose white paint.

Painting a wall in a dark shade is also an option. This gives the room character. By letting color come back in your accessories, you create balance. Do you want a deep, pronounced hue but still want to keep the peace? Then purple is your colour buddy.

bedroom decorating tips ikea

Handy: IKEA Smart Lightning, with the push of a button all the light is dimmed ...

Sleeping room lamps: from dimmer to ambient light

Take the time to choose the right lighting for your bedroom. Choose for ambient lights and use a dimmer for any ceiling lights. IKEA has its own Smart Lightning. Very handy, you can control all the lights in the room with your phone. Great if you don't feel like getting up but can use some light in your life!

Always make sure you have a lamp that you can use to illuminate the entire bedroom. It's so handy if you put together your outfit in the morning and don't want to mix up dark blue and black.

Last but not least, your bedroom also needs functional lighting. Reading lights near your bed are a must. You can attach them to your headboard or put them on the bedside tables. So you're ready to start with that book that's been waiting for you for so long!

deocrating bedroom ikea
decorating bedroom ikea

Hang up curtains that are so long that they reach from the ceiling to the floor. This way your bedroom looks bigger.

The right bedroom curtains

It's not just the light in your bedroom that's important. The curtains also require your attention. Dimming curtains do not give daylight a chance. Ideal if you are sensitive to light. If you live in an older house, it can be nice to go for isolating curtains as well. That saves you from cold drafts coming through.

By the way, did you know that your bedroom looks bigger when you hang your curtains high? Ideal for a small bedroom. In any case, long curtains down to the ground provide a spacious, luxurious look.

Would you rather not have drapes? Then use a roller blind or shutters to block enough of the daylight that comes in to your bedroom.

Personalise your bedroom decoration

Now that you've done the basics, it's time for the finishing touch. You can do this with personal accessories and fun details. For example, you can hang it above the headboard:

  • Hang up a picture ledge and put your favourite books and/or photos on them;
  • Place a few shelves against the wall and fill them with plants, books, magazines and a nice light;
  • Make a statement with a special rug on the wall;
  • Go for green and hang all kinds of plants on the wall. Hanging them at different heights creates a playful style;
  • Do you love a modern style? Then go for a large graphic element on the wall;
  • Roll up your sleeves and paint a large canvas;
  • Do you have kids? Hang the wall full of their most beautiful works of art.

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