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PLATSA system

Create extra space at home!

With the easy-to-install PLATSA system, you can effortlessly free up extra space in your home. Quickly adapt the basic elements to the layout of your room and create additional storage options that fit your needs. And do you want to give a personal touch to the storage system? You can use storage boxes that suit with your taste. Top it off with integrated closet lighting to find your things or your clothes even faster.

Platsa kastensysteem
Platsa opbergsysteem
platsa systeem
platsa kastensysteem
platsa opbergsysteem
Platsa planner

PLATSA planner

Put together your entire PLATSA system as you like. You can immediately see what your creation will look like with the smart 3D viewer of the planner. Simply go through the steps and create a storage system that suits you best!

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