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Arranging your dining area - our best tips

Your dining table is the center of your house, there is always someone sitting around it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. Working from home or playing games: your dining table can do it all. We give you our best tips about the furniture you need to arrange your dining area ideally.

    Make room for all guests

    Distance from a wall or a cabinet

    Keep 80cm distance from your dining table to the nearest wall or cupboard. This leaves enough space to sit and for someone to pass. And if you want to stretch your legs after a long meal, there is enough space to lean back. 

    Distance to a kitchen unit

    Between the dining table and kitchen cabinets a little more space is needed. with 120cm you will have enough room to sit comfortably and for someone to cook at the same time.

    Room for plates and cutlery

    Choose a table that fits the number of eaters. Setting the table for one person asks for 60 x 35cm, for a placemat, plate, cutlery and glasses.

    Room for elbows

    With a minimum space of 60 cm for each adult, everyone can eat comfortably - no matter the ettiquette.  

    The ideal dining area: 6 of our best tips

    Slide it out

    Always room for unexpected guests, more oven dishes or just crafting space for the kids? With an extendable dining table you enlarge your table top in a minute.

    Shop extendable dining tables
      Shop extendable dining tables

      Room for a quick bite

      A bar or a kitchen island is ideal for a simple meal. Think about breakfast or an afternoon snack. Also, a kitchen island is very cosy as you can talk to someone who is using the counter while cooking.

      More kitchen islands
        More kitchen islands

        Royally comfortable

        Long diners taste better when you are sitting comfortably. Armrests, soft fabrics and cushions bring comfort to your dining chair.

        Shop dining chairs
          Shop dining chairs

          Add a bench

          Place a bench on one side of your table instead of chairs. A bench will fit more people than you think and people can choose their own seat. Also, it looks spacious in your home.

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            The more stools, the better

            Do you have an unexpected guest? Do you want to lay some things on a small side table? Stools are the answer. Stack them, put them aside and bring them out when you need them.

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