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Dining chairs

Choosing a dining room chair is fun, but it's also a practical task. You have to think about a lot of factors like the height of the seat and the width of the armrests. They have to fit the height of your dining table. It's good to have enough room to enjoy a nice, leisurely meal.

Inviting dining room chairs

Attractive, comfortable chairs invite you to enjoy a nice, long dinner at the table. What fun! But sitting comfortably is not just important when you're eating. You'll also need a nice seat when you want to do a puzzle, work or drink a cup of tea. Do you like shell chairs, upholstered chairs or dining room chairs with or without armrests? Are you going to combine them yourself with one of our tables or look at the dining room sets we have already put together for you? Would you like even more options? Make a choice from our separate underframes and seat shells and create your ideal chair yourself. Would you like to completely transform that boring dining area? A dining bench is a surprising option. Whichever seat you choose, you will be sitting pretty in our chairs.

The perfect dining chair for your interior

Choosing dining chairs is great fun, but there are a few things to consider. Design ranks high of course, but comfort is just as important. And does the height of the seat fit the height of your table top? Is the chair made of sustainable materials? And what about assembly and delivery from the store to your home? In short, there are a lot of things to think about when you buy dining chairs. You will find the features, assembly instructions and materials of each chair in the product description. Fancy something new? Mix things up and go for different chairs at the dining table. This will create a dynamic, playful effect. Mix modern chairs with classic ones, for example. Pay attention to the dimensions of your table when buying dining chairs. You need a seat width of about 65 cm for each chair. Make sure to have a close look at your table because a round dining table can accommodate more chairs than a table with legs at the corners.