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"The process was so smooth, I can definitely recommend IKEA" (customer IKEA SOLSTRÅLE solar panels)


Your contractual partner is Svea Solar
Incl. 21% VAT, that you can often get back from the tax authority. Svea Solar will help you.
10 high efficiency solar panels (410 Wp)
Installation & setup
Go solar with Svea Solar

Start saving on your energy bill with solar energy from SOLSTRÅLE

Make the switch to a more sustainable everyday life with SOLSTRÅLE and start producing your own renewable energy – at an affordable price.

Svea Solar have worked, together with IKEA, on a solar offer that works for you, your home and your energy needs. We have selected Svea Solar as our solar partner as their experience, systems and warranty match the IKEA standards of quality and security.

Kiezen voor zonne-energie met SOLSTRÅLE is gemakkelijk

Het is gemakkelijker dan ooit om voor zonne-energie te kiezen. Van eerste advies tot installatie, IKEA en onze partner Svea Solar nemen je bij de hand.

1. Wensen & mogelijkheden

Samen met een zonnepanelenexpert van Svea Solar bespreek je je wensen en de mogelijkheden

2. Vrijblijvende offerte

Je krijgt een complete offerte van Svea Solar, inclusief alle onderdelen en installatie.

3. Installatie

Als je akkoord gaat met de offerte, zorgt Svea Solar voor installatie en een goede werking.

4. Enjoy the sun

Gefeliciteerd! Je huis heeft nu stroom van je eigen SOLSTRÅLE zonne-energie.

A safe investment for years to come

Our solar partner, Svea Solar, provides a long-term warranty with every SOLSTRÅLE system. Knowing that you're covere, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the sun.

Warranties provided by Svea Solar

  • Panels



  • Performance



  • Installation



  • Inverter



A system fit for every home

A flat roof, a slanted roof, or do you have a dormer window? Svea Solar helps you find a solar system that fits you and your house.

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Solar - the IKEA way

There are many good reasons to go solar. From cutting energy costs to protecting the environment, find out what solar electricity can do for you.

Save on your energy bill

Investing in SOLSTRÅLE will not only save you month-to-month on your electric bill, but it could also increase the property value of your home. Together with our partner Svea Solar, we scan the market to make sure you always get the best possible value for money.

Safe investment

A solar system is an investment for the long term. You want to be sure it keeps delivering as you expect. That's why Svea Solar offers installation by certified mechanics and offers you a warranty package on all parts of the solar system.

Protect the planet

The energy from the sun is a free and unlimited resource with little impact on the environment. By harnessing solar energy to power your home, you can lower your carbon emissions considerably – and protect our planet for generations to come.

    Others preceded you

    See why Roos, Monica, Andreas and Kevlin chose the SOLSTRÅLE solar panels.

    How solar works

    A solar system is simple in it's use, even if it's complex in it’s setup. Luckily for you, we’ve spent the time to do the hard part, so you can just focus on enjoying your home-grown clean energy.

    But, if you want to get a simple overview of how solar systems work, here’s a handy diagram that will show you the basics.

    Go solar with Svea Solar

    Sustainable energy with

    Calculate your yield with Svea Solar

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