Dining table tops & underframes

Design your own unique table by combining a separate table top and base. Go for a classic top with a set of modern table legs, or the other way round. Mix and match the separate components and you will have the table you've always dreamt of!

Designing a unique dining room table

Seen a dining room table top you like? But what's underneath doesn't appeal to you? Then searching for the perfect table can take forever. At IKEA, you can choose the table top, legs or another base you want. Tired of your table? Just switch it up with a new base or legs or make your own table top and attach it to an IKEA base or legs. You don't need to spend a lot of money for a completely new table. Most combinations are possible, so you can design the dining room table that suits you. Do you often have people over? Choose an extendible table. You'll always have a place for family and friends to eat with you. Just return the table to normal size once your guests have left. If you have a small kitchen or want to fill up that empty space in the kitchen, you can opt for a wall-mounted table. You can even fold it up! When it's folded down, it's a two-person table while also being an ideal place to work. Folded up, there is space for small items and you can free up extra space.

Combine a modern dining room table with a classic base or legs.

Choosing a table isn't as easy as one, two, three. You want one that matches the colour of your floor and furniture. And will you go for a classic table? Or would you prefer a modern version? Our wide range allows you to give your creativity free rein. And with table tops in different colours and materials (including solid wood), there will always a table to suit your style. Many of our tables also work well as desks. If you don't have a large budget or much space, there's nothing better than being able to set up your work place precisely how you want to. You can buy table tops and table legs separately, so you'll have a work place that's all your own. Choose a desk chair to go with it that fits the dimensions of your table. You can adjust our ergonomic chairs to how you sit. Ideal if you work from home!