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Dining tables

A dining table is multifunctional. You can eat at it, play games, work, do homework... everything, actually! At IKEA you will find round tables, extendable dining room tables, tables you can attach to the wall and more.

Furniture Assembly Service

Need help assembling your new wardrobe, shelving system or other IKEA furniture? Make an appointment via Klusup for furniture assembly.

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You don't eat alone at a dining table.

The dining table is the centre of the house. From early in the morning to late at night, someone is sitting there. With a plate in front of them at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But also relaxing with a newspaper, playing games, doing homework or just chatting. You share good times with family and friends at the dining table. If you work at home a lot, a dining table is a good place to working where you have plenty of space.

Pull it out and join in the fun.

A kitchen table is the centre of the room. Whether you have a small household or a large family with lots of friends coming over. Many of our dining tables are expendable so you have extra space for guests in an instant. With a set of attractive dining room chairs, you can transform the look of your table. How do you get that favourite dining room table home? Check out all the delivery options here.