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ENTUSIASM Mug, patterned/blue,

Price CHF 14.95/4 pack
ENTUSIASM Mug, patterned/blue, 22 cl
ENTUSIASM Mug, patterned/green, 22 cl

How to get it

A cosy tea with family and friends or curled up with a TV dinner in the sofa corner? ENTUSIASM is available as a mug and bowl for simpler dishes, perfect to combine thanks to their various patterns.

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Product description

Unique dinnerware with patterns, details and raised reliefs that exude tradition and craftsmanship.


I Leo/H Dalrot

  • Wash this product before using it for the first time.

  • Material
    Feldspar porcelain

Measurements and packaging

Height:ย 9 cm

Volume:ย 22 cl

Package quantity:ย 4 pack

  • ENTUSIASMArticle Number104.172.44

    Width:ย 8 cm

    Height:ย 8 cm

    Length:ย 28 cm

    Weight:ย 0.83 kg

    Package(s):ย 1




Good at resisting knocks

Feldspar porcelain resists knocks and impact better than most other ceramics. That's why products in feldspar porcelain can be made thinner than those in stoneware or earthenware. This means that they are both light and hardwearing - and dishwasher-safe. A useful combination.