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IKEA Smart lighting

Welcome to your new home, which will be a little smarter than before. Really smart. A smart home. What do you need to do? Not much.

Here you'll find all you need to know about out easy-to-use Smart lighting range.

What does Smart Home mean?

Smart Home means intelligent living, which is made possible by the use of Smart Home technologies. These Smart Home systems take a lot of work off your shoulders. Everyday household items become automated; things like radiators, smoke detectors, household appliances, consumer electronics, surveillance cameras, lamps or blinds are digitally and centrally networked and controlled. All according to your wishes, tailored to your personal everyday life. At the same time, you always retain full control. At the touch of a button. Quite intuitive and simple. This is how we imagine the future of living.

What are the advantages of IKEA Home Smart lighting?

Of course, you can dim or turn on/off each individual lamp in your home to create a specific lighting mood. Or you can use IKEA Home Smart lighting, a high IQ system. That communicates with your lighting as you want and need it. With the TRÅDFRI App you can adjust brightness or light colour centrally at the touch of a finger - anywhere in your home, quickly and easily. And pre-programmed and saved if desired. IKEA Home Smart lighting not only provides more comfort. You can also save energy with our clever lamps. First, because our light sources are LED for smarter lighting. They consume 85 percent less energy than conventional lamps. And secondly, because the central, stored, automatic and timed lighting control by Home Smart helps you to only have the light on when it should or must be on. Thanks to timers, motion detectors and stored lighting concepts, you'll see the difference on your electricity bill. Security is also a big advantage: as motion detectors detect every movement, burglars are deterred. Motion detectors show welcome guests and yourself the way when you come home in the evening or have to wander through the dark garden.

Pretty smart, isn't it?