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Summer home ideas

The chores are done and all the “to-do’s” on the list have been ticked off. It’s time to park the “I musts” and embrace the “I wants”. We’re on the road to Chillsville. But this year, it’s a different type of chill. This year, time off is time on. This year we’re going to grab each precious moment with both hands and squeeze the sweet, fragrant juice out of it. It’s time to refresh and improve our homes and make the most out of every room, wall and corner. We’re going to play, let our imaginations run wild, and kick limitations to the curb. We’re going to paint our world red, enjoying every vivid colour, taste, sight, sound and smell. We’re going to dial out the noise and turn up the music. And then dance like no one’s watching.

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Start your sustainable summer garden

Planting and growing a garden, large or small, provides many benefits – from saving money on produce, to reducing our ecological footprint, to having healthy foods on hand, to teaching and spending time with children. We have all the tools you need to make it easy and fun – no matter what your skill-level is. Try storing your tools on a cart with wheels so it can easily be moved from the balconey to your kitchen, or experiment with growing your seeds in jars or a muffin tin. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work if you start small.

White RÅSKOG utility cart filled with plants and gardening supplies in a bright white kitchen.
Three small glass KORKEN jars with vegetable roots inside and a muffin tray with more planted roots behind.
A bright room with a small boy drawing with a marker on a white SOCKER greenhouse with plants inside.
Woman dressed in pink in an outdoor patio space, holding a white bin over a wooden planter box. Hook with a folding chair and lantern hanging on wall above and plants to either side.
Metal HYLLIS shelving unit with plants and plants pots against a brick wall bside an open white door.

Outdoor summer dining

There’s nothing more summery than outdoor meals with friends and family – but no one wants to spend all day in the kitchen when the sun is shining. The trick is recipes and plates that you can prep, set and enjoy in no time. Try mixing up your salad and storing it in the fridge ahead of time or have a plate holder with dishes ready to go so you can spend less time on the details and more time in the sun.

A family gathers around an outdoor table with a checkered tablecloth on a rooftop setting with hanging string lights
A hand grabs a blue UPPDATERA dinner plate from a collection of plates in a holder, on a checkered blue table cloth.

Breathe in some fresh air

Refresh your home for summer by switching to lighter textiles and curtains that can tame the bright sunlight while still letting the fresh air flow through. Improve your overall health and air quality across the home by opening up windows, bringing in flowers or plant, and using a STARKVIND air purifier.

A man holding onto a sheer HILJA curtain in light-blue looking out of a window from a light-blue room.
White and wood STARKVIND air purifier with vase and flowers on top and green furniture in the background.

Easy & affordable updates for outdoor spaces

When those precious summer days hit, having your own retreat is priceless. Updated with colourful textiles and glassware to handle refreshments, it works both as a space to greet guests and your personal, lazy lounge. On a tight budget? No problem. Create a cozy corner for your patio furniture by simply adding soft netting or an umbrella for shade. Add a few extra plants and voila - your outdoor oasis is complete for a price you'll love.

White HAVSTEN outdoor sofa with cushions and a blanket sitting outside next to a coffee table with summer drinks and snacks.
An outdoor balconey with a white HÖGSTEN outdoor armchair with a cushion and books and white SOLIG netting hanging above

Keep your outdoor space organized

Adding shelving units to your shed or garage keeps things organized and let's you store more. Storing small things – like garden products and tools – in boxes make them easier to find. If you have a large patio, garden or balcony, an outdoor storage box is great for keeping cushions and blankets protected.

Small wooden shed outside. Door open to display smaller black BROR shelving unit. Plastic totes stacked on shelves as well as gardening supplies
Metal HYLLIS shelves filled with plants and plant pots against a white brick wall.

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