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IKEA for Business

Taking care of business together

At IKEA for Business we offer a full range of planning, delivery, and assembly services as well as the ability to track and manage your orders online. We also have free one on one dedicated support to help make the next steps easy, efficient and affordable (and beautiful too!).

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Enjoy a better shopping experience by creating an IKEA for Business account. You'll be able to setup profiles for your colleagues, track your purchases and receive personalized inspiration relevant to your industry.

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Get help with furnishing your hospitality business

Whether you’re looking for a bulk purchase to furnish an entire apartment building or if you would like to spruce up your cozy bed and breakfast, our IKEA for Business experts can help. Together you’ll find a functional and hardwearing solutions to suit your budget that your tenants or guests will love.

Comfortable tenants = happy tenants

You don't have to compromise on form, function or price on the perfect bathroom for your rental. Need help getting started? Try our bathroom planner.

Open bathroom planner

Top furniture series for hospitality businesses

A cozy grey MALM bed with fluffy white linens.
MALM series
A detailed product view of an IKEA mattress with a white top and beige sides.
Beige closet curtains are opened to reveal an AURDAL closet organizing system. There are areas for hanging clothes and for folded clothes as well as a laundry basket.
AURDAL system

In retail, it's all about the details

Open shelving and smart storage act as display areas for the products you sell and add to the look and feel of the space you have.

Here’s everything you need for your dream restaurant

Creating atmosphere is key and you can serve up the classics - both in menu and in style. With durable and easy-to-maintain furniture, a cheerful atmosphere, and thoughtful little details that make guests of all ages feel welcome.

It’s easy to let light and air into your workspace

No matter the size of your office, every space is an opportunity. You can organize your space so that it inspires collaboration with flexible furniture to deliver clarity, comfort and to give a boost for success.

Please note:

Due to the industry-wide impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain, we are currently experiencing significant delays with our kitchen cabinets and fronts and our bathroom sink tops. While we continue working closely with our suppliers and partners to replenish stock as quickly as possible, we cannot estimate wait times, nor can we guarantee complete availability if you choose to move forward with your kitchen or bathroom vanity purchase today. If you are unable to book all items required to complete your kitchen or bathroom, we do not recommend installing your kitchen or your bathroom vanity or booking your contractor until you have received all items needed to complete the install.

These solutions featured on this IKEA for Business page contain a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for their intended use in your area.

IKEA does not offer any option to purchase for resale. IKEA products are developed, designed and supplied to our IKEA customers. This way you can be sure you are paying the lowest possible price for well-designed products.