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IKEA for Business

OMAR shelving units in different heights displaying packages of foods, bottles and plants tidily organized in a clean shop.

Taking care of business together

At IKEA for Business we offer a full range of planning, delivery, and assembly services as well as the ability to track and manage your orders online. We also have free one on one dedicated support to help make the next steps easy, efficient and affordable (and beautiful too!). Discuss your ideas with design professionals, check out the online planning tools or visit the IKEA for Business team in the store.

How to plan, contact us and buy

Create an IKEA for Business account

IKEA for Business creates a more personal and tailored relationship with IKEA. By knowing your needs and challenges, we can create a better everyday life together - for you and your company. The first step towards a long-term partnership!

Creating a business account is free! As a registered customer, you will receive relevant inspiration and communications, and relevant offers, adapted to the industry of your business. Also, you will be able to invite other colleagues to join the company account so they can also enjoy this experience.

We welcome you to create an IKEA for Business account today!

A bright office with a jade green accent wall, white and natural wood furniture and lots of plants.

How to boost your workplace wellbeing with plants

Flex your green thumb by adding an array of lush plants to your business! Not only do plants add a beautiful aesthetic to any environment but they also reduce stress, increase productivity and so much more. This guide will help you choose the best plants for your space as well as provide information on the benefits of incorporating plants in your workplace.

See the plants guide

Inspiration for any business

Whatever your type of business, space is an opportunity. Organize your space so that it inspires collaboration. Hidden storage and flexible furniture deliver clarity, comfort and create a climate for success.

See the gallery of ideas for your business
See the gallery of ideas for your business
How to set up an ergonomic workspace.

How to set up an ergonomic workspace

Can you feel it? That twitch in your neck, or that pain in your lower back? It might be the way you’re using your workspace. We can’t promise you less hours working, but we can help out with making a body-and-mind-friend­ly office space that’ll cut down on work fatigue.

See the full ergonomics guide

Please note:

Due to the industry-wide impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain, we are currently experiencing significant delays with our kitchen cabinets and fronts and our bathroom sink tops. While we continue working closely with our suppliers and partners to replenish stock as quickly as possible, we cannot estimate wait times, nor can we guarantee complete availability if you choose to move forward with your kitchen or bathroom vanity purchase today. If you are unable to book all items required to complete your kitchen or bathroom, we do not recommend installing your kitchen or your bathroom vanity or booking your contractor until you have received all items needed to complete the install.

These solutions featured on this IKEA for Business page contain a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for their intended use in your area.

IKEA does not offer any option to purchase for resale. IKEA products are developed, designed and supplied to our IKEA customers. This way you can be sure you are paying the lowest possible price for well-designed products.