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Celebrating a milestone? Find the perfect gift for any occasion

IKEA makes celebrating special events with family and friends fun, fantastic, and unforgettable. Create your gift registry for an upcoming birthday, baby shower, housewarming, and more, or find the perfect gift for friends or loved ones to celebrate their special milestone together.

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Create your very own gift registry

We will quickly set up your personal gift registry page with a style that fits the occasion and you.

Choose the gifts you want

Any of our thousands of products can be added to your gift registry with the click of a button.

Invite friends and family

A gift registry is a collection of the gifts you want. You can share a unique link to your gift registry with your friends and family however you choose!

Learn more

  • The IKEA Gift Registry makes it easy to celebrate special events in life with your family and friends. For example, these events can be baby showers, weddings, housewarmings and more.

    When you create a gift registry on, you can choose gifts from our vast range of products. Your family and friends can then choose what to give from your list and complete their purchase either on or at an IKEA store near them.

  • On, you can browse thousands of products by category, by using the search function, or through our inspirational image galleries. Any product can be added to your gift registry, just by the click of a button. Changed your mind? You can always remove or add new products by coming back to your registry anytime.