SLÄKT Bed frame w/pull-out bed + storage, white,

Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.

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It can feel scary sleeping alone. Under this bed frame there is an extra bed and 2 drawers for the duvet and pillow. Perfect for siblings who share a room, friends or when it's time for a bedtime story.

Article Number192.394.50

Product details

The pull-out bed is perfect to roll out when a friend sleeps over and there’s room for both bed linens and toys in the 2 drawers.


Ebba Strandmark/IKEA of Sweden

Article Number192.394.50
  • Max. mattress height allowed in the underbed is 4".

    LURÖY slatted bed base is included in the price, but is packaged separately.

    Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.

  • Bed frame

    Particleboard, Particleboard, Fiberboard, Plastic edging, Acrylic paint, Acrylic paint, Paper foil

    Footboard/ Headboard:

    Fiberboard, Particleboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled), Plastic edging, Acrylic paint

    Slatted bed base
    Bed slats:

    Layer-glued wood veneer, Birch veneer, Adhesive resin as coating


    100 %polyester

    Pull-out bed with storage
    Guard rail/ Drawer front:

    Fiberboard, Acrylic paint


    Fiberboard, Melamine foil, Particleboard, Plastic edging, Acrylic paint, Paper foil, Acrylic paint

    Drawer back/ Drawer sides:

    Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic foil

    Drawer bottom:

    Fiberboard, Acrylic paint, Paper foil

    Middle rail/ Side/ Top rail:

    Fiberboard, Particleboard, Plastic edging, Acrylic paint, Paper foil

    Bottom rail:

    Fiberboard, Fiberboard, Fiberboard, Particleboard, Plastic edging, Acrylic paint, Paper foil

  • Bed frame/pull-out bed with storage

    We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.

    Slatted bed base

    Renewable material (wood).


Max. weight/sleeping level: 220 lb

Length: 77 1/2 "

Width: 41 3/8 "

Drawer width (inside): 33 7/8 "

Drawer depth (inside): 22 1/2 "

Footboard height: 22 7/8 "

Headboard height: 31 1/2 "

Height under furniture: 13 3/8 "

Bed width: 81 1/8 "

Bed length: 77 1/2 "

Mattress length: 74 3/4 "

Mattress width: 38 1/4 "

  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    Bed frameArticle Number203.627.50

    Width: 31 ¾ "

    Height: 2 "

    Length: 82 "

    Weight: 53 lb 9 oz

    Package(s): 1

    Slatted bed baseArticle Number601.602.17

    Width: 9 ½ "

    Height: 2 "

    Length: 38 "

    Weight: 15 lb 8 oz

    Package(s): 2

    Pull-out bed with storageArticle Number103.627.55
    This product has multiple packages.

    Width: 13 ¾ "

    Height: 3 "

    Length: 81 ¾ "

    Weight: 60 lb 10 oz

    Package(s): 1

    Width: 13 ¼ "

    Height: 2 ¼ "

    Length: 41 "

    Weight: 24 lb 11 oz

    Package(s): 1


Best customer serviceMary A.This product was really nice at a reasonable price. Ikea has one of the best customer service so far, if only 2 beds would fit in our kids room then we wouldn’t have to return the other one. I hope there will be better illustration and instructions on the assembly part though.5
Great product for the price.FlorinaGreat product for the price.5
DO NOT HAVE MATRESS AVAILABLE !!!JAVIERthe bed is OK, but no IKEA store in the US has the 4' mattress available in store or online to delivery.3
Great bedPatrickGreat bed5
Amazing bed!SHERRI K.Our daughter picked out this bed for her room. She loves it because she can have a friend sleepover. It was easy to assemble, and it is super comfortable!5
Great productERINGreat bed! Assembly is long but well worth it for the product and price.5
Just what we neededHelenaJust what we needed5
We love this bed. ItMARIANNAWe love this bed. It saves a lot places for kids to play.5
Just What I Wanted!Melanie07My sons (8 years, 5 years) were previously sleeping in a bunk bed from IKEA. It lasted a while but it broke/bent in a few spots. It was also blocking our AC in the room so I needed something low. So I purchased this bed and I am completely satisfied! My oldest sleeps on the top and my youngest sleeps on the bottom pull out bed. I love how I can keep all their bedsheets in the drawers on the bottom. It’s a great space saver. My youngest thinks it’s pretty cool that he has a secret hidden bed.5
Great bed for toddlers/little kidsKatieEmilyWe bought this for our daughter who is transitioning to a big girl bed - having the trundle option to pull out (both in case she falls or if she wants to sleep there) is a great feature. The drawers underneath are good for storing extra sheets for now, perhaps eventually something else. I can't wait until she's old enough to have sleepovers too!4
Great bed for kids & smaller rooms!superscarfWe bought this for our 3 year old transitioning from toddler bed to big girl bed. We thought this would be perfect for us to lay next to her and read, and it really is. She also tends to get up to come to our room so sometimes we take her back and lay there until she settles back down. It's super sturdy, and it was pretty simple to put together, I recommend 2 people though one person could assemble the pull-out part & drawers. It's perfect for a smaller room since the 2nd bed can be rolled under the main one. It rolls really smoothly, and we have carpet. The drawers are super convenient to store pillow/thin comforter for the 2nd bed and books. We bought the mattresses that were suggested on the IKEA site so there weren't any issues with putting that 2nd bed away and the main bed is comfortably firm. I've read that firm is good for a kid since they're still growing. You really can't beat the level of convenience and comfort you get for the price you pay.5
Good bedMRC111111111111Good bed for the price and easy to assemble.5
Slats fall out when I sit in the bedTim SRIt seems the twin mattress I have is a bit wide and when I sit in the bed the mattress pushes out the frame leading to the slats falling out. I weight 180lbs. It seems like this frame needs a metal rod installed in parallel with the slats to prevent the frame from widening due to the mattress. Can you help me?3
So far so good!JKrummWe love the Ikea beds. Our son and daughter were bunked up with the KURA bed and now our son is in the SLAKT. A regular twin mattress fits on the upper part of this bed. (score!) Be sure to get TWO sets of slats. I did not, now I will be going back to Ikea for lunch and slats.4
IKEAdecorMissing one screw (easily fixed) biggest issue is the assembly info does not make it SUPER CLEAR that you need TWO wooden slat support sets. One for main bed and one for the trundle bed. The staff told me I only needed one. That seemed odd to me, so I bought two just in case (since my closest ikea is 4 hours away!) thank heavens I did! And if you want what the picture shows, you need to add an additional $89 mattress for the trundle. A mattress for the main bed if you don’t already have one. Bedding. (Extra slats!) and so your $228 Bed is realistically closer to $400/500.4
SLÄKT Bed frame w/pull-out bed + storage, white, Twin

It takes a lot of work to chill out

Pre-teen kids are probably the busiest people we know. It might not always look like it on the outside, but on the inside everything runs at hyper speed. With all the energy needed for growing, it makes sense that once they're home, a place to relax and recover is pretty important. That’s where the SLÄKT range comes in. To get it right, we had to go back to the start.

We ordered a study that focused on children aged 8-12 from all around the world. From that we tried to make something that fitted in both with what kids want, and what the parents think the kids need as well.

A worldwide study on what kids want

Child and adolescent psychotherapist Dr Barbie Clarke and her research agency Family Kids & Youth carried out the global study. "Early adolescence is an important phase because it's a slow move towards autonomy and independence,” says Barbie. “There's this huge growth happening that requires a lot of energy. It's not a joke that they really can't wake up in the morning!" One of the big findings was that kids wanted a place to relax and retreat, while still being close to their parents (who still are their biggest influence), even if hanging out with friends is a growing focus. "The bedroom also becomes a place for entertaining with friends. The phrase 'chilling out' was something that we heard around the world. 'Oh, I just want to chill out' is a key desire".

Furniture made to be spontaneous

Building on the research, the work began. We designed SLÄKT to be super modular and adaptable, as well as easy to move around if say a bunch of friends come over. After we tested everything for safety we asked children for their feedback. Then we changed certain designs to be even easier to use and relax with. The kids favorite: a fold out mattress that can be stored under the bed and brought out whenever it’s chill out time. Kids seem to just sort of fall on it. No communication, just 'aaah!'.

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What is constructed board?

We use constructed boards when manufacturing many of our pieces of furniture, such as tables and wardrobes. They are light and resource-efficient, yet still stable and strong. Each board has a frame made of chipboard, fiberboard or solid wood, while the inside is a honeycomb filling structure made of mostly recycled paper, which is extra durable thanks to its special construction. The board is then covered with a protective paint, foil or veneer depending on the style wanted.