NEIDEN Bed frame, pine, Twin
NEIDEN Bed frame, pine, Twin
NEIDEN Bed frame, pine, Twin
NEIDEN Bed frame, pine, Twin
NEIDEN Bed frame, pine, Twin

The natural solid wood is beautiful as it is or you can make it more personal by staining, painting or waxing it. Also, the bed frame is high enough so you can place storage boxes underneath.

Article Number003.952.52

Product details

The compact design is perfect for tight spaces or under low ceilings, so you can make the most of your available space.The hard-wearing solid pine has natural variations in grain, color and texture, giving every piece a unique look.If you oil, wax, lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for.There’s plenty of space under the bed for storage boxes - perfect for storing extra quilts and pillows.You can easily vacuum under the bed frame to keep the space clean and dust-free.Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.So that the mattress is positioned at the correct height, you can only combine the bed frame with LURÖY slatted bed base.Designer

Jon Karlsson

  • Solid pine
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Stains can be removed by using an eraser, fine sandpaper, soap, dishwashing detergent or paint thinner.
  • Renewable material (wood).We have clear requirements for all the wood we use, including a ban on illegally harvested wood. By 2020, we want all our wood to come from more sustainable sources, defined as certified or recycled.
  • NEIDENBed frameArticle Number:003.952.52
    Width: 8 ¼ "Height: 3 "Length: 78 "Weight: 23 lb 10 ozPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsNEIDEN Bed frame003.952.52

Product size

76 3/4 "
39 3/4 "
Footboard height: 
11 3/4 "
Headboard height: 
25 5/8 "
Height under furniture: 
7 7/8 "
Mattress length: 
74 3/8 "
Mattress width: 
38 1/4 "


Just make sure to buyLaurynJust make sure to buy the slats... we didn’t realize we needed it :(3
Great buy for the price!EstermarieGreat buy for the price!5
Doesnt come with under support slatsKELLYCame with out under support. Needs slates. Not suggested at check out. Its back ordered and now Ill have to pay shipping again1
Sturdy and well pricedSAS1974For the price I didn't expect anything high quality but the bed is actually really sturdy and was easy to put together. Slays and mattress fit well. My son is happy with his new bed.5
Rail split at a knot just 1 month after buyingAirpilkWe got this for my 2 year old and not even a month after having it the side rail split where there was a knot in the wood. So now he tells us “my bed is broke”. Very disappointed.2
Great value, good quality, simple & low cost bedRTETRTI was surprised by the good quality. This bed is all wood and a bit more sturdy than some of the more expensive beds with thin metal frames. Assembly was super easy, just pay attention to the IKEA drawings. During assembly, I wood glued the bed together in addition to the IKEA hardware. I bought only the bed frame and skipped the mattress slats, using a left over piece of plywood under the mattress. This made the bed a little more stable and adult weight friendly. This bed sits close to the ground. It would be very easy to add height or modify for storage under this bed. The wood took paint pretty well. The wood frame is an excellent starting place for a project or use inside a small home, cabin, camper, van, etc. The box fit in my small SUV without a problem.5
Perfect twin frameJulie875Loved this frame for its price love it now for its looks. Bought two for my kids rooms but wish they were an inch taller. We didnt finish as suggested that wouldve been an added expense not capable of. They werent terrible to put together my 10 y.o. son and i put it together.4
Great bed for kidLizcruz15We just love this bed. It was the perfect size for our 6yr old daughter. It was easy to assemble and she loves it.5
You get what you pay forAn ikea shopperI really like this inexpensive bed! But it is very low quality, and has a low price to match. The side rail split at two knots in the center so we screwed a 1x4 to it to fix it. Just know it's not a sturdy piece and you won't be surprised if it breaks. I would buy it again though!2
Bed wasn’t sold with slatsMonkeyMamaI’m aggravated that we got the frame home and the slats were missing. Nowhere was it written that we needed an additional box or that the slats were sold separately. We double checked and the warehouse said ONE box. We live hours from IKEA and won’t be able to pick up slats for a while. Will change my recommendation once we get a change to use the beds as intended WITH the slats, which should be sold WITH the bed.2
is good for the priceSVP2019This item just meets the needs and is good match for the price. it would have been good if we are supplied with slats. Without slats, this is of no use. We got some wooden flat slats from Lowes and a plywood sheet to lay our mattress.4
ouch!kuk shedthis bed is great but i have 25 splinters in my kuk :(1
Great beds!KinihoI bought two of these for my daughters, it was super easy to put together and I even painted them the color they wanted.5
Great Value!JewlsI bought this bed more as a temporary solution for my children that needed to be separated for a while because they don't go to bed properly while sharing a room. It works PERFECT for that while being affordable. I will admit that while it is holding up well, I can't help but feel nervous about it's quality. So far it is working well for being small and affordable. I also love that you can fit things under the bed; helps out immensely in the small space I am using it in.4
incompleteakadigitalThis product doesn't include the slatted base. Product description should display this better rather then in small print hidden in the description, or the product with the base should always be next to it as an option1
Bed frameCubsEasy to put together; however, I needed a drill for the very long screws.4
felipe01I give it a B+ on putting it together, but it has worked very well...4
Great!OradeaVery good for toddlers!!!4
Luroy Slatted Bedframe Always fell apart!!NeidenLuroyNeedRevisionI bought this month ago. The Luroy Slatted bed slate fit to the bed. But it kept falling apart. I was really upset with the product, and unhappy. One thing that I would REALLY REALLY WANT TO RECOMMEND, is to put tissue or cardboard on each side, so that the slatted bed slate does not move. PS: IKEA NEEDS TO CREATE THIS THING THAT PREVENTS THE SLATTED BED TO NOT MOVE AND IS IN PLACE CENTERED!!!! (IF THEY HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME PRODUCING A BED SLATE THATS NOT CONSISTENT IN SIZE WITH THE BED FRAME. THIS IS MY SECOND PURCHASE AND AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM BOTH THEN AND NOW!!!!!!!!!! POORLY MADE!!!!!3

Bed frame, pineTwin

Price valid from Aug 4, 2020
Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.
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NEIDEN Bed frame, pine, Twin