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U shaped sofas

U shaped sofas are the perfect choice for entertaining family and friends. That’s because they create a great meeting spot in your living room. With a variety of sizes and colors, these U shaped sofas are versatile and can fit all kinds of spaces. Shop here to find the right one for your home.

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FINNALA Cover f/corner sleeper sofa, 5-seat, with chaise/Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Cover f/corner sleeper sofa, 5-seat, with chaise/Gunnared beigeFINNALA Cover f/corner sleeper sofa, 5-seat, with chaise/Orrsta black-blue

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HÄRLANDA Cover for sectional, 5-seat, with chaise/Sporda naturalHÄRLANDA Cover for sectional, 5-seat, with chaise/Ljungen medium grayHÄRLANDA Cover for sectional, 5-seat, with chaise/Ljungen light green
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Why buy a U shaped sofa?

U shaped sofas are the perfect choice if you want to create a social atmosphere in your living room. They’re great for bringing friends together for chats and get-togethers. And they also create great angles for watching TV. Plus, some U shaped sofas are made of convenient, modular sections. This means you can easily move them around without too much heavy lifting.

U shaped sofas can come in many colors and sizes

The U shaped sofas on this page come in a variety of different colors. There are grey sofas, beige sofas, brown sofas, green sofas, turquoise sofas, blue sofas, white sofas, red sofas and beyond. They also come in several different sizes, including 4 seater sofas, 5 seater sofas, 6 seater sofas and even larger.

U shaped sofas are versatile

U shaped sofas give you more than just a comfy place to sit. Many also feature a pull-out bed. And some give you extra storage with built-in drawers. In general, the design of U shaped sofas makes them very versatile. They’re great for resting on slow weekends, curling up to watch movies, stretching out while alone or getting together with family and friends.

A U shaped sofa can work in all kinds of spaces

Most people imagine a large U shaped sofa in a big, open room. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are also smaller U shaped sofas and ones for all kinds of spaces. Some create a more modest impression, while others are the focal point of the room. In some cases they can be placed in the corner, while others work better in the centre of a wall. Whatever kind of space you have, the IKEA selection of U shaped sofas is flexible enough to fit your needs.

How big are U shaped sofas?

A U shaped sofa will always be bigger than a smaller 2 seater sofa or 3 seater sofa, but it doesn’t have to be giant. IKEA U shaped sofas can come in many different sizes. If you’re short on space, try one with 5 seats or even 4 seats. And to make sure it will fit, you can click on the sofa you like and easily check its measurements.

How do you arrange a U shaped sofa in your living room?

There are several easy ways to match your decor to your U shaped sofa. One way is to place a coffee table in the middle. It can either be square or round. Another idea is to place one or two chairs facing the opening of the U. You can also place your sofa strategically in the middle of the room to use it as a room divider. All in all, you want to position your U shaped sofa so that it becomes a convenient gathering spot in your home.