KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray
KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray

We launched KLIPPAN sofa in the 1980s and it’s still a favorite. It's comfortable, fits almost everywhere and has many covers to choose from. A modern and timeless classic!

Article Number090.106.17

Product details

Durable metal springs in the seat give the sofa a springy comfort, allowing you to sit, relax and enjoy it for many years.This cover is made from VISSLE fabric in polyester, which is dope-dyed. It’s a durable material with a smooth weave and a nice two-tone effect.The cover is easy to keep clean since it is removable and machine washable.10-year limited warrranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.This cover’s ability to resist abrasion has been tested to handle 50,000 cycles. 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture used every day at home. Over 30,000 cycles means a good ability to resist abrasion.The cover has a lightfastness level of 5 (the ability to resist color fading) on a scale of 1 to 8. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number090.106.17
  • Loveseat, frame
    Smolder resistant lining/ Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Frame:Plywood, Particleboard, Fiberboard, Laminated veneer lumber
    Uppholstery material:Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft.
    Leg:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating, Polypropylene
    Cover for loveseat
    100 %polyester
    FrameLoveseatWipe clean with a dry cloth.
    Removable coverCover for loveseatMachine wash warm, normal cycle.To be washed separately.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C.Dry clean any solvent except trichloroethylene.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    KLIPPANLoveseat, frameArticle Number300.731.94
    Width: 34 ¾ "Height: 14 ¼ "Length: 70 ¾ "Weight: 103 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 1
    KLIPPANCover for loveseatArticle Number502.788.54
    Width: 10 ¾ "Height: 3 "Length: 14 ½ "Weight: 4 lb 3 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

70 7/8 "
34 5/8 "
26 "
Height under furniture: 
4 3/8 "
Seat depth: 
21 1/4 "
Seat height: 
16 7/8 "


Great couch for the playroomDONNALove its size and comfort--I can sit and read while my grandkids play.5
Good for the priceJeffThis is a good sofa overall, especially for a small space.4
Great coach for the value.SHAHRYARGreat coach for the value.5
a good sofa is fundamentalTexanitaI'm glad to have opportunity to review Klippan. In two ways it meets exactly what I wanted: solid full length seat cushion and adequately high arm rests. But ALL ikea sofas are too low, the seat height would be SO much better if it were, if the legs were, two to four inches taller. My other rather serious complaint is that the back is a bit under-structured. It could use more height and it could use more cushioning. It's just as well, it discourages long evenings of slouching in front of TV. Overall, the solid bench is the sine qua non! And the great price left room in the budget for side tables etc. (Compare to the Lindome which has better upper-body height although sloping seat area ruins it; less utilitarian upholstery and it's not the solid bench type.)4
The back of the sofa uneven foamH LeeThe sofa back foam wore out after just a few months wear. It basically caved in on one side. With no more use on one in terms of sitting or persons than the other. Very disappointed and now it is impossible to reach someone about the guarantee, neither email or phone is available for contact.1
Easy to assemble by a girlEasy to assembleVery comfortable and inexpensive. Very easy to assemble by a girl. I’m 5.1 and did it on my own.5
No Support, Just OkayShneebWe bought this item already built on dent and scratch - maybe our first mistake. It looked perfect, was already put together, and we loved it. However, less than a month into owning it the back of the couch just collapsed in on one side, like the cushioning just evaporated. Shortly after the other side did too. It leaves about an inch gap between the back and the seat of the couch and we've been filling the gap with masses of pillows to make it work. Maybe it was put together poorly? Maybe it's just the couch. Maybe it's Maybelline.3
Get what you pay forrx3122This couch is pretty much what you would expect for being < $300. It's cheap, and was very easy to put together. But what you get is a frame and some extremely flat cushions and then the cloth is a cover that you put over the frame yourself. The cushions really aren't that comfortable. This is a great starter couch or will suffice if you're on a tight budget, but it's not really that comfortable.2
Save your money!Mayra19This this Couch was soo disappointing!! within 2 months of buying it it started falling a part.. honestly not worth it at all... !!1
Klippan is comfortable for me to sit upon.ChristelRI am happy I bought this loveseat this month. It was a little challenging to move and put together myself. But, I like the the loveseat, especially for the economic cost. I usually read some reviews where people sometimes think the loveseat is hard, but, frankly it is not hard but quite comfortable. I am 5'10 and took a nap on the loveseat yesterday. Oops. I got too comfortable. So, a word to the wise: Try the display sofa out at the Ikea showroom before you buy. You might like it. Others may opt for something else. Again, it is a loveseat, not a sofa. Small detail to folks looking for a snoozkie couch. Not that sort of thing, but I did fall asleep on it anyways.4
It"s okayMamsyIts not very comfortable for me. I'm 5'1'' and 130lbs but it still feels too small. I wish I could rest my head or recline a bit more. Also I can't seem to get the cover to stay in place properly so its always wrinkled looking and not smooth like the photot2
Missing 3 built in nuts!Evelynn235I ordered this loveseat and when it arrives, it was missing 3 built-in nuts. I can’t return it since I don’t have a truck. I was really disappointed.1
This version is quite different from the older oneIkea Reviewer 78789We have owned two Klippan loveseats. One was great quality, the inner cushion was covered in Muslin, lasted for years. The covers never ripped. So when it finally died, we bought another Klippan. Our second one barely lasted a few months before the cover ripped badly. Then the cushion went out in a another few months. It lasted in good shape less than a year. Instead of muslin, the inner cover over the cushion was white paper that ripped easily.1
Love it. Easy Assembly.Denim2019I wanted to upgrade my living room but not spend a lot. Years ago, I bought a loveseat from a furniture store. It wasn't firm enough from the start. I found assembly easy. It would have helped to have two sets of hands but I managed. I like puzzles however, so I enjoy assembling Ikea items. Great quality and firm. Compliments my other furniture well.5
Comfortable and lasts foreverEmoothartWe purchased two Klippan loveseats over ten years ago. Both my husband and I loved their comfort, back support, and easy cover removal for cleaning. Since the purchase, these have been sat on, slept on, jumped on, and generally abused by our four boys. We are going to replace them this year (even the best things eventually wear out!) but we are re-buying the same thing because, why mess with the best? Highly, highly, highly recommended, especially for families with lots of children. :)5
Sturdy couchElDeCoWe've had this for the better part of a year. I'm a big guy, 6'1 and 250 lbs, and I think it's about as comfortable as you could expect for a loveseat. Its a fairly large piece and you could fit three people fairly comfortably on it. Changing out the cover for another and washing it makes it even more appealing, especially if you have pets. One warning I will offer is that the quilted covers that have a batting in them are impossible to wash in a standard washer. They are simply too large to be spun out properly. To clean them, you will likely need to go to a laundromat to use a big washer. Granted, they make the couch far more comfortable, but they are a bit of a hassle in this way. Otherwise, totally recommend this couch, particularly in an apartment setting.5
great little loveseatrk94507I have one of these and a LACK coffee table under my STORA. It fits perfectly. I have the one that don't offer anymore. It is a black wipeable cover so I can't speak to the fabric covers.5
Cushions do not last.Scott11I bought this not even 6 months ths ago. I typically sit on one side more then the other and that side is noticably worn out. I feel the wooden support through the cushion on that side now and the seat dips. I've seen myself sitting on the other side of the couch now but wonder how long this side will last. I'm 5'10 and weigh 200 pounds, left to wonder if it is designed for small children.1
Good value loveseatjfuenRecently purchased this loveseat for our computer/game room. It is the perfect size for small spaces. It fits two people comfortably. It is not the most comfortable and the back may be a little low for some, but you cannot beat the price! The best part is that you can purchase different color covers for the loveseat and wash as needed. This is nice for those with children and pets. It is very modern and goes well with any decor. I am very happy with this purchase.5
Klippan is the goldilocks zone of sofas.EdORSome sofas are too cheap -- maybe you inherit them for free and they smell like smoke or dog or have mysterious insectoid inhabitants. They make you feel sad because your living room is ugly and embarrassed when guests visit. Other sofas are too fancy -- they cost more than half a year of your rent, and are so transcendentally comfy that nobody ever wants to get up off of them. This is annoying when it happens to you, and downright problematic when it ensnares a visitor. However, Klippan is a perfect compromise between those two extremes. It's solid and sturdy, and perfectly comfortable to sit on for awhile. The low back means you can put it in front of a window without blocking your view, and also means that you have to actually use your muscles to remain seated in an upright position on it, so it's less tempting to just vegetate on the sofa permanently (and encourages good posture). It is not quite long enough for a person of ordinary height to sleep on, which I consider an advantage because it pre-emptively answers the question of Can I just crash on your couch?. Plus I know if I get sick of the cover color, I can go spend $25 on a ridiculous new one that'll make it look like a whole new piece of furniture, and the options will change every year.4

Loveseat, Vissle gray

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KLIPPAN Loveseat, Vissle gray