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Firm & hard mattresses

A quality bed with a comfortable mattress is the very foundation of a good night's sleep. Firm mattresses provide the supportive comfort many people need, holding the body atop the surface and preventing sinking too far in. Our selection includes spring, memory foam and hybrid firm mattress styles in sizes to suit all spaces. A favorite of stomach and back sleepers, our firm and extra firm mattresses offer support that never sleeps!

Firm mattress benefits and considerations

Whether you prefer a soft or hard mattress—or something in between—investing in the right fit for you can result in more restful nights and energetic days. Personal preference always has the final say, but there are some things to consider in deciding if a firm mattress is the right choice.

When sleeping on your back or stomach, a firm mattress helps distribute your weight evenly while supporting proper alignment. If you find yourself waking up with lower back pain on your current mattress, it may be too soft for your needs.

For example, a stomach sleeper laying on a soft mattress may sink into the mattress, pulling on their neck and/or lower back. Because a firm or extra firm mattress doesn’t allow for anything to ‘sink in’, the likelihood of lower back and neck strain while sleeping is greatly reduced.

Extra firm mattresses are a cool choice for hot sleepers

Because you lay more on top of a firm mattress as opposed to sinking into it, they are a preferred choice for sleepers who wake up warm. All firm mattresses will help keep you cooler by allowing greater airflow on the surface, with spring mattresses being the ideal fabrication for overall breathability throughout the design.

As for those who benefit from mattresses at the highest end of the firmness scale? We find extra firm mattresses are a favorite of heavier people, or anyone who feels like they sink into a soft or plush mattress. For most folks, the primary issue with sinking into a mattress is that it then lacks the support needed for a restful sleep. For others, an added detractor of a soft mattress is that they toss and turn and need the freedom of movement a firm mattress provides. If you ever wake up feeling ‘stuck’ in your mattress and have to exert effort to roll out of the dip, a hard mattress is worth considering!