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Memory foam & foam pillows

What could be a better place to rest your head than a pillow that perfectly adapts to your shape and position, helping you maintain proper alignment night after night? Ever since they came onto the bedding scene, memory foam pillows have been winning waves of new fans—one restful, properly supported night’s sleep at a time. IKEA offers supportive solid foam pillows, flexible shredded foam pillows and cooling memory foam pillow styles that keep hot sleepers both comfortable and cool.

Solid vs. Shredded Memory Foam Pillows—what’s the difference?

While there are a wide variety of shapes, styles, materials and unique features available in the foam pillow market, most fall within one of two primary types—solid foam and shredded foam.

  • Solid foam pillows—also commonly known as molded or contoured foam pillows—are engineered to be the ideal shape and support level for specific sleeping positions. Because the majority of people sleep on their side or back, many of our contoured and layered foam pillows are designed to suit both types of sleepers. To switch from back sleeper height to side sleeper height and vice versa, simply rotate the pillow. Typically, the higher side will be most comfortable for side sleepers 
  • Unlike solid foam, which is designed to ensure the given shape is maintained, a shredded memory foam pillow is flexible and ‘squishable.’ This makes shredded foam a popular choice for people who shift positions frequently, or hold onto or wrap their arms around their pillow. Additionally, shredded foam is more breathable than solid foam, making it a smart choice for hot sleepers. 

Sleep warm but still want the added support of a solid core?  Browse our selection for styles featuring cooling gel on one side, or solid foam with small holes to improve air circulation.

A memory foam pillow can help you forget sleepless nights

Finding the perfect pillow can take some trial and error, but our foam pillow selection makes a smart start to your search. This modern material has been a game-changer for many thanks to its enduring comfort and resilient durability. Whether a memory foam side sleeper pillow is the right fit for you, or a design that truly has your back, all our foam pillows feature easy-care machine washable covers.