Memory foam & foam pillows

Rest comes easy in carefully selected, personalized bedding. What could be a better addition to your bed than a pillow that adapts to your shape?

A memory foam pillow is an ergonomic pillow that's shaped to be a perfect fit just for you. It molds itself to the shape of your head and provides just enough support to keep you in a relaxed position. This helps relieve tension from your back, neck and shoulders when resting or sleeping.

No matter how you sleep, a memory foam pillow will always provide you with comfort and support. However, different pillows are designed to work better for different sleeping positions. To find the perfect foam pillow, consider whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. Choose the pillow that's right for you.

Tip: Flip the pillow!

Many of our memory foam pillows have different sides to accommodate to different sleeping positions. For instance, the same pillow can have one side that ergonomically fits a back sleeper and one side that’s more suitable for a side sleeper. The two sides can in these cases have different heights and slopes to offer the most ergonomic and comfortable support for your spine depending on how you prefer to sleep. So, if you feel like the pillow isn't giving you the right support, try flipping it over!

You might be thinking that pillow flipping seems like a tall order while sleeping. However, the memory foam will help you rest comfortably even if you move, stir or change positions during the night. The pillow will adapt to the weight of your head and neck when you move. This way, it can provide soft and comfortable support even if you shift from your preferred sleeping position.

Memory foam filling: Dense, soft, mixed or shredded?

Do you want firm support from your pillow, or do you prefer to be enveloped in softness? Memory foam pillows have different characteristics depending on their filling. Some pillows are light and soft, while others are sturdy and dense. Some have multiple layers, which makes a pillow that's soft on the surface but still sturdy enough to offer proper support.

The different memory foam solutions also offer different ways to regulate temperature and wick away moisture. Some pillows have small holes that allow air to flow through the pillow. Others are filled with shredded memory foam that allows warm air to escape and be replaced with fresh, cool air. Whichever pillow you choose, remember that the pillowcase also affects the pillows ability to breathe and regulate temperature. So, have a look at our different pillowcases to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.