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Ergonomic pillows

Finding the best ergonomic pillow for you is easy at IKEA, with designs for every sleeping position. Ergonomic pillows help provide proper support for your head, neck and shoulders while you sleep. If you’ve been struggling to get comfortable with your current pillow or waking up with neck or shoulder pain, an ergonomic pillow may be the supportive solution you need for a good night’s rest and better mornings.

Ergonomic side sleeper pillows

Side sleepers typically find their most ideal support in high-profile, firm support pillows. The additional height is necessary to fill the natural space between your head and shoulders. Without this space accounted for, side sleepers may find their head is tilted slightly down when laying on their pillow, causing strain. 

Assuming you get a solid night’s sleep and don’t toss and turn, that could mean straining your neck and/or shoulder for 8 hours straight. It’s no wonder your morning might bring aches! An ergonomic side sleeper pillow accounts for this space by design, giving you and your neck a rest.  

Best ergonomic pillows for back sleepers

For back sleepers, proper spinal alignment is a primary concern, and medium height pillows tend to be the right fit for most. Because many back sleepers are occasional side sleepers, and vice versa, many of our ergonomic pillows feature a flippable two-in-one design to accommodate both positions. 

Ergonomic pillows for stomach sleepers (and multi-position snoozers)

Low profile pillows are a popular choice for stomach sleepers, giving support without the height  that can put undue stress on your neck or spine. Because stomach sleepers must keep their head turned to breathe while they sleep, neck strain is not uncommon. Low-profile ergonomic pillows provide the support that is needed, with designs that also suit the additional support needs of stomach-to-side sleepers.

Chances are good that some of you are reading this while sitting in your ergonomic office chair, using your ergonomic mouse. And those were smart investments considering how much time you spend working. But you also spend quite a bit of time sleeping, and possibly even less than you wish! Make the most of every precious sleeping second with the best ergonomic pillow for your sleep style and comfort needs. Learn more here about the ergonomic pillow effect.