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Mattress toppers

Increase the comfort of your bed while also helping improve its longevity by adding a memory foam mattress topper. Designed to fit perfectly on top of your mattress, our memory foam mattress pads are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King sizes. Our luxurious mattress toppers help reduce pressure for more restful sleep, with varying levels of firmness to suit all sleepers. For those who ‘sleep hot’ we recommend checking out our cooling mattress toppers.

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A mattress topper keeps your bed fresher, cleaner and in better condition

A mattress topper can also serve double-duty as a light mattress protector, helping keep your bed fresher and your mattress in better condition. The removable mattress topper helps in preventing sweat, oil, and spills from ever having a chance to sink into your mattress. 

When it’s time to freshen your bed linen, simply emove the mattress topper cover and follow the washing directions. Remember that while most of our mattress topper covers are machine washable, the memory foam mattress pads themselves are not machine washable. 

If you like eating or drinking in bed and are worried about spilling, we’d recommend you add one of our waterproof mattress protectors to your bed after adding the mattress topper. This will ensure your mattress and your topper are better protected.

A memory foam mattress topper helps create a double bed from two singles

Some couples with different sleeping preferences or needs require using two different mattresses for each to sleep comfortably. For those that prefer sleeping together, this often results in pushing their twin size or full size beds together, or buying a bed frame that can accommodate both mattresses side-by-side. While this is among the best solutions, it also tends to result in an annoying and ever-growing gap between the beds that requires constant adjustment. 

An easy solution to help in ‘marrying’ the beds is adding a memory foam mattress topper that fits over them both. Add a fitted sheet, Each partner will still get to enjoy the mattress that best fits their needs while having a comfortable ‘flat surface’ that feels and functions more like a single bed. Because no one should have to choose between a good night’s sleep and snuggling!