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Down & feather pillows

For cloud-like comfort, rest your head on our soft, fluffy natural pillows. Available in a range of fillings, we offer down pillows, feather pillows, and wool pillows to help you find just the right sleep comfort. They’re all machine-washable and available in different heights to support all types of sleepers.

Feather and down pillows—what’s the difference?

It’s common for people to use the terms ‘feather pillow’ and ‘down pillow’ interchangeably, but there are some key differences to keep in mind…

  • As their name implies, feather pillows are filled with the feathers of a goose or duck— more specifically, the back and wing feathers. These soft feathers make for a lofty but breathable pillow at a more affordable price than down. They’re also a great choice for those who like to squish or cuddle their pillow as feather fill moves around easily to adjust to whatever position you prefer
  • Unlike feather pillows, down pillows don’t include a quill—what you’ll sometimes feel poking out in an old feather pillow. Down is taken from the soft chest and underside of the bird beneath the feathers, where it helps in regulating temperature
  • Both feather and down pillows benefit from regular fluffing, but you’ll need to do it more regularly for feather pillows as they don’t hold their shape as well as down, and flatten more quickly

Feathers and down serve different purposes

If we think of the different purposes down and feathers serve for geese and ducks, we can see why each is better suited for different sleepers and pillow preferences…

  • Lightweight feathers help birds fly, circulating air. This makes feather pillows a perfect choice for hot sleepers, or those who prefer malleability over firmer support. Feather pillows are popular among stomach sleepers, though many side sleepers also like them because they can easily fold them in half to ‘double’ their height
  • Down serves as a protective insulator for birds, helping to keep them warm. If you prefer additional support and breathable warmth while you sleep, down pillows make a smart and comfy choice. Down is also an incredibly luxurious and durable material, making down pillows an investment you’ll get to enjoy every day

Don’t want to choose? IKEA offers a variety of feather and down pillows that include both materials, bringing the best combination of softness, support, shapeability and affordability.