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SILKEBORG patchwork carpets are the modern answer to traditional carpets. Parts of vintage carpets from Anatolia, Turkey are washed, repainted and then assembled into a modern work of art. The result: a contemporary product with a unique history. SILKEBORG rugs come in all shapes and sizes: with flowers, stripes, mosaics, patterns, multi-coloured or in colour.

The rugs are only available in the shop. Please note that each rug is unique and may differ from the picture.

persian rugs

With the combination of the two traditional methods for re-use - weaving rag carpets and the patchwork technique - the SILKEBORG series, among others, represents a sustainable philosophy in which old textiles are given a new lease of life.

The new rugs are made from authentic Anatolian rugs that are at least 20 to 60 years old. All inspired by the rich history, culture and nature of Anatolia.

Persian & Oriental carpets

persian & oriental rugs

In addition to Turke carpets, IKEA also has Oriental carpets in its range. The Persian rugs come from different parts of Iran and are woven and knotted by hand. Missing fringes, colour variations or unevenness in the pattern give a carpet character.


Use a non-slip strip and keep the rug in place. This reduces the risk of slipping and makes the rug easier to vacuum. The non-slip strip is easy to cut or fold to size. It is suitable for all types of floors, including floors with underfloor heating.