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Get to know BESTÅ

BESTÅ: The storage system for every room

With BESTÅ storage systems you can organize everything in your living room in a nice and neat way. Choose from a wide selection of ready-made combinations, or create your own. BESTÅ can be adapted to your storage needs - whether you stream TV shows or want to showcase your collection of fancy items.

The benefits of BESTÅ

Quality Feeling

Boxes and doors with damped closure, press and open fittings, TV bench with cable outlet to hide the cords in a neat way. BESTÅ has lots of small details that give a sense of quality.


Large or small storage? You can easily change your BESTÅ if your needs change. Build on more frames and customize the interior if you want open shelves, drawers or doors.

Works everywhere

Customize a display cabinet for the delicacies, a cabinet for the service, a bookshelf for the books, a TV bench for the TV and all its accessories. BESTÅ works for the most part.

Perfect TV furniture

Several small details make BESTÅ the perfect TV furniture. With the TV wall brackets, cable channels and spacious drawers you hide most things. Controls, game consoles, games and everything else that is fun to have fun with, but not always as fun to look at are easily hidden in BESTÅ.


You can choose the color of the frame and combine with what fronts you want. Add the little extra with the handle, legs and top plate.

The inside

Organizing stuff gets even easier (and more fun) with our custom drawer inserts. Use the right lighting to make it easy to find what you need. You will get the most out of your storage space and the inside of your BESTÅ cabinet will look a lot better too.

Look inside the homes of our customers

Need some BESTÅ inspiration/ideas? What is more fun than taking a look inside other people's homes? Our customers love BESTÅ and we have collected some BESTÅ examples for you.