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Get to know BESTÅ

    With BESTÅ storage systems you can organize everything in your living room in a nice and neat way. Choose from a wide selection of ready-made combinations, or create your own. BESTÅ can be adapted to your storage needs - whether you stream TV shows or want to showcase your collection of fancy items.

    Three ways to buy BESTÅ

    Choose each part separately. Follow our step-by-step guide.

    Choose one of our pre-planned storage solutions.

    Plan your storage using BESTÅ planning tools. NOTE: Works only on computer.

    The benefits of BESTÅ

    Quality Feeling

    Boxes and doors with damped closure, press and open fittings, TV bench with cable outlet to hide the cords in a neat way. BESTÅ has lots of small details that give a sense of quality.


    Large or small storage? You can easily change your BESTÅ if your needs change. Build on more frames and customize the interior if you want open shelves, drawers or doors.

    Perfect TV furniture

    Several small details make BESTÅ the perfect TV furniture. With the TV wall brackets, cable channels and spacious drawers you hide most things. Controls, game consoles, games and everything else that is fun to have fun with, but not always as fun to look at are easily hidden in BESTÅ.

    The inside

    Customized inserts inside the drawers make it easier (and more fun) to keep track of your stuff.


    You can choose the color of the frame and combine with what fronts you want. Add the little extra with the handle, legs and top plate.

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    Works everywhere

    Customize a display cabinet for the delicacies, a cabinet for the service, a bookshelf for the books, a TV bench for the TV and all its accessories. BESTÅ works for the most part.

    How to build BESTÅ step by step

    1. Choose the frame

    • Start by choosing which frame you want. Choose between bases for storage or TV bench.
    • Choose size. There are different widths, depths and heights, so be sure to check that it is correct.
    • Choose the color you want.

    Good to know! Small adjustable feet are included so the frames can be placed directly on the floor, even if it is uneven. The frames that are 38 and 64 cm high can be hung on the wall using BESTÅ wall rail.

    2. Choose the interior


    • Choose what depth you should have on your shelf. If the frame is 40 cm deep, you should have the shelf which is 36 cm deep. If the frame is 20 cm deep you should have the shelf which is 16 cm deep.
    • Choose what color you want, or if you want glass shelves.
    • Choose the number of shelves.


    • Select the height of the box body. 15 cm high you should then supplement with a front that is 26 cm high. Then add 25 cm high with a front that is 38 cm high.
    • Choose the color of the box body.
    • Select the number of box frames.
    • Choose box rails. Choose BESTÅ box rail, press-and-open if you do not want any handles on the box. If you want a handle, select BESTÅ drawer rail soft-closing.
    • Choose the number of drawers; you need a packaging / box.

    3. Choose fronts

    Drawer fronts

    • Choose which drawer front you want.
    • Choose the height of the drawer front. 26 cm high if the box body is 15 cm. 38 cm high if the box body is 25 cm.


    • Choose which door you want.
    • Choose the height of the door.
    • Choose hinges. For the door you need a packaging hinge.

    Good to know! Each packing hinge includes a push-and-open fitting and two hinges. If you want to open the door with a light push and thereby release the handle, use the push and open bracket. If you want a handle on the door, use the same hinges firmly without the push-and-open fitting.

    4. On legs or on the wall? Or both?

    Hanging on the wall

    • Select BESTÅ wall rail
    • Choose amount. For a 60 cm wide summer a rail is needed. For 120 cm wide frame two rails are needed.

    Think of! Only the frames that are 38 and 64 cm high can be hung on the wall. The wall rail cannot be used for BESTÅ TV benches, to which the rail is included.

    Standing on the floor

    • Choose legs
    • Choose amount. You will need 2 packages per frame, but if you want to assemble several frames, you can, using the supplied coupling bracket, connect two frames with only one leg that is inserted into the joint between the two bodies.
    • If you have a TV bench for 120 cm, select BESTÅ stand. If you have a TV bench 180 cm you will need 2 support legs.

    Think of! Small adjustable feet are included so the frames can be placed directly on the floor, even if it is uneven.

    5. Accessories

    Put the last touch on your combination with a top plate in glass, stylish handles and lighting.