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Turning waste into resources is part of our IKEA roots and our daily influences. And we do it at home, too. So if your home’s filling up with containers, cans, boxes, jars and such, why not give them new life? Check out our upcycling ideas to turn your recycles into storage.

1. From empty cans to kitchen containers 

Keep your cutlery and kitchen necessities nearby on your worktop with cute storage cans. Remove the labels. Give the cans a good cleaning. Then paint. We customised them with a textured paint that looks like cement.

2. From condiment jars to toiletry holders 

It’s convenient to see what’s in a glass jar and how much is left. So we took that idea from the kitchen to the bathroom. Clean and air out used jars. Then glue knobs or handles on the lids. It’s a quick, funky take on the old-timey, apothecary look.

3. From old shoeboxes to stylish centrepieces 


Shoeboxes are such practical storage boxes. Why hide them away? Give them a refresh and set them out on display, no matter what’s inside. Glue on some metre fabric, newspapers or old book pages—whatever works with your room’s style.

4. From cork stoppers to jewelry hangers

Do you save bottle corks because you’ll do something with them someday? Today’s the day. Use them as cork-on-cork jewelry storage. Grab some cork pot stands and screw in your corks. (We lined up the corks for a clean look.) Then nail it all up.

5. From waste to wall organiser 

Most packaging is great for reusing as storage. So are cracked or broken things. Put them to work again as a wall organiser! Find a board as a base. Clean the stuff. Play around to test different layouts and cut the objects into new shapes. Attach everything with a strong glue. Then spray paint or apply several coats of paint.