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Teen bedroom for girls — tips — HEMNES chest of drawers — HEMNES bedside table — IKEA interior inspiration

When you move on to secondary school, it's time to think about a new room. Bye-bye pink, bye-bye's time for a makeover! With these tips, you'll be able to transform your room into a great place to chill out with friends (and maybe do a bit of homework from time to time too... )

It's important to discover your own style and to have a place where you feel at home — and at some point, the Barbie look needs to give way to a more adult style. Keep your base colour neutral and fill the room with your favourite colours. Make your room look cooler by upgrading your wooden furniture with a grey-coloured stain.

Bedroom for teenage girls — teen bedroom inspiration — IKEA interior inspiration
Hang your favourite outfits or your outfit for the next day on a rack. This makes things less stressful in the morning, and means you get a few extra minutes in bed too...

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Teen bedroom for girls: Essential accessories

Make room for all your prized possessions on the shelves. Avoid clutter by storing awkward things like hair straighteners in NORDRANA baskets. Don't forget the small accessories! Hang your jewellery on a hanger and display your most beautiful bottles and make-up on a stand. That way, you'll always have them to hand.