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A smart atmosphere maker that is also practical? The open shelving unit of course! With a well thought out design, this will be the center of your living room. Five essential tips.

Such an open shelving unit can be a bit tricky, especially for collectors, because: everything is visible. Yet that is no reason not to. No, even the biggest collector can put up a stylish shelving rack!

Combine big and small

The design of your shelving unit becomes very boring if everything is at the same height. That is why different shapes and sizes are important. A stack of books with a plant on top and something much smaller beside it works perfectly. Also don't be afraid to put unexpected items next to each other.

Choose a colour (theme) for your rack

You can keep order on the shelves by choosing a color theme. So don't go for an entire alphabet of colours, but choose a few main shades. You can, for example, set your books and magazines to color gradient. Do you want as much rest as possible? Then choose a monotone shelf unit with home accessories in gray, nude and white.

Encourage group formation

Herd behavior can be very useful in open shelving units. This is because this ensures peace. Make small collections of your messes and objects. This makes them suddenly special eye-catchers. By placing them on a tray or nice plate, more unity is also created.

You can also use these tips for your display cabinet!


Put everything in the same direction

Do you have several pieces of certain items? Then place it exactly the same way in the cupboard. You can think of cups, tea lights and vases. Basically you just have to make sure that all (double) handles are in the same direction.

Open up!

Do not load shelves full, but leave space in different places. This makes it tighter and does not create a clumpy whole product.

If you put everything exactly in the middle, it can look a bit sterile and too empty. That is why it is important to keep your distance while styling so that you can see if the empty space is also in balance.

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