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We all know about eating healthily, but what about sleeping healthily? We all know that a good night's sleep can be a challenge. Thanks to our busy lives, sleepless nights are always on the horizon. The brand new HIDRASUND mattress is made from natural materials. This makes getting a better night's sleep a breeze. It also doesn't hurt that your bed looks like it's right out of a hotel...

Put your phone down a few hours before going to bed, don't work until late, go easy on the caffeine, clear your mind. We all know the best tips to get a good night's sleep. But there is more you can do. Such as buying a new mattress.

sleep-well-good-night's-sleep-good-mattress-IKEA home decor inspiration

Get a better night's sleep with HIDRASUND

Get a better night's sleep and love the feeling of climbing into bed, how great does that sound? The mattresses in the HIDRASUND series have five comfort zones and are designed to reduce pressure on your shoulders and hips. They are made from natural materials such as coconut fibres, natural latex, cotton, wool and lyocell. Super comfy is an understatement. Plus, it comes with a 25-year warranty. A good night's sleep never looked so good.

bed-good-night's-sleep-mattress-HIDRASUND-IKEA home decor inspiration
bed-good-night's-sleep-mattress-HIDRASUND-IKEA home decor inspiration

Smart extras: mattress pads & box spring

To sleep even more comfortably and to extend the life of your mattress, put the TISTEDAL mattress pad on top The HIDRASUND mattress is really thick and forms a heavenly bed in combination with a box spring. If you love Scandinavian design, the BJÖRKSNÄS collection is a natural extension of this. Want to update your bedroom? Then take a look at these styling tips and be inspired!

bed-frame-good-night's-sleep-good-bed-IKEA home decor inspiration

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