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Living room: smart ideas for a small space

Decorating a small living room may require a little more flexibility and creativity, but it also offers endless possibilities. Does your living room have multiple purposes? Anything is possible! But what is the ideal layout? We have some tips for decorating a small living room.

    Let's divide the room

    Start of thinking about what social activities will take place in the living room. Look at your space with an open mind and make a rough sketch. You also need to keep the light in mind, the light in the room is important for the placement of your furniture. Shuffle a little on paper and try different possibilities. Make effective use of your wall and floor space! 

    Sleep, relax and eat

    Lightweight and flexible chairs are super convenient. They are easy to move and also stack when necessary. A modular sofa is ideal because you can easily turn a part over for more privacy. But it can also be a seating area where you also eat your dinner. What do you think of about a sofa bed? Handy for cosy sleepovers!

    See all sofa beds
      See all sofa beds

      Multifunctional storage

      Footstools with storage space that can also be used as a coffee table. Or a coffee table where things can be stored or drawers that can be slid under a sofa. In a small living room, good organization and storage is a must. Choose furniture with multiple purposes. Practical and organized!

        Room dividers

        Divide a the living room into multiple areas with a room divider. By doing this you will create more peace and divide the functions of the room a little more. This can be done with a cabinet or a piece of furniture which is easy to move. This way you create more ... space!

          Cabinet, cabinet on the wall....

          If you have a small living room, shelving units are a must. This not only gives you a lot of storage space, it also creates a sense of calm in the room. Alternate between open and closed doors and storage units for a creative look. This way, you can show off your beautiful personal belongings and collections while keeping your not so pretty administration locked away.