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How to organize a shared workspace

As a creative flex worker you share ideas, inspiration and... space. Once you’re in the right flow, it is easy to forget the time and the environment around you. But how do you keep order in your oh-so-beloved chaos? We give you tips to organize your shared workplace well, so that your flexible workplace remains an oasis of peace and creativity.

Creating and organizing together

The best ideas come from working together. That's why sharing a workplace with inspiring people is an ideal way to let your own creativity flow. But how do you ensure that everyone stays in their creative flow? By making a good and clear storage space.

Start with the basics; storage cupboards. Open cabinets are not only perfect as a partition wall, they also ensure that every office mate can easily store things. By using  boxes and magazine files, the cabinet remains neat and uncluttered.

Extra tip, write your name on the boxes so you can see at one glance who it belongs to.

Another way to organize flexibly is to use a drawer unit. In it, everything is quickly stored and you can slide it easily from desk to desk.

    Convenient desk organisers 

    Ok, where did you leave that one important document again? By making smart use of desk organisers, you won't lose anything. You also avoid leaving a mess for your office mates.

    In a letter tray you can easily categorize and store wandering documents. A mini chest of drawers is ideal for storing stray small items. And the office kitchen? It remains neat with a waste bin.