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The sofa is the centrepiece of your living room: It sets the atmosphere for the room and must meet all your wishes and requirements. Enter our design hero NOCKEBY — it might be just the right match for your interior!

Choosing the right sofa — NOCKEBY sofa — IKEA interior inspiration
Choosing the right sofa — NOCKEBY sofa — IKEA interior inspiration

There is virtually no other product with such a diverse character as a sofa. From luxurious lounge seats that envelop you in comfort to minimalist Scandinavian gems that steal the limelight: How do you choose the sofa that's right for you?

Function and format

First of all, ask yourself what requirements your sofa needs to fulfil. Are you someone who likes to flop down on the sofa after work, read, surf the Internet and not get up for the entire evening? Then you should look for a sofa with deeper seating where you can relax. Are you more of an 'active' sitter? Then a shorter seat will be fine for you.

It's all in the measurement

In the shop, sofas look smaller than they will in your living room. Mark out the size of your sofa on the floor at home with masking tape. Or lay down some newspapers to give you a good idea of the right size. If you have a large living room, opt for a larger sofa so that it isn't swallowed up by the space.


Comfort is the most important thing that a sofa must provide — no-one likes having a sore bottom or an achy back! What makes NOCKEBY so special? Product developer Jerry explains: "Unlike other sofas, the NOCKEBY has pocket springs in the cushions instead of foam. Springs are more sustainable because they are lighter and you need less material. Another advantage is that the seats are more comfortable because of the air between the springs. We use the same pocket springs in IKEA mattresses".

The fabric of the sofa helps to absorb noise in the house.


Contemporary Scandinavian

Want your sofa to be less of a feature in your room? Then choose a neutral colour and style it with pillows and accessories in the same colour. The contemporary Scandinavian style is known for its simple geometric shapes. A rug with a graphic line design and the hoop rings on the wall emphasise the effect.

In the past, sofas were thought of solely as a place to sit. Now they're multifunctional, serving as a place to work, to eat a relaxed meal and to sleep".



The next step is to choose the colour of your sofa. If you want to make a statement with your sofa, then choose a striking colour. In combination with meaningful accessories, your sofa will become an eye-catcher in your living room. A much-loved fashion and interior design trend is folklore. Play with a palette of red, black, blue, green and yellow and combine lush and organic prints. The trick is to be daring and mix everything together!

Wall decoration is trendy. Hang a beautiful rug on the wall, use a mix of storage and posters or opt for playful hoop rings on the wall for a graphic finish".


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