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5x Autumn interior design ideas: easy and cheap

From summer to autumn interior

September is the perfect month to replace your summer interior and get ready for autumn/winter. You don't have to do this in a big way. Some new home accessories will easily give you a new look at home! That's why we give you five ideas to change your interior from a summer to an autumn vibe.

After the summer fever, it's time for autumn. And that means not only to go outside and enjoy the beautiful colours that the new season brings, but also give your interior an update. With some small adjustments, the latest home trends and the right accessories, you will come a long way!

1. Natural materials

Bring the warm autumn colours from outside into your living room or workspace. Use natural materials such as rattan, wood, clay and stone. Be sure to work with these materials yourself. Make a clay sculpture or learn to draw. This way you will find some extra peace after a long day.


In terms of interior, natural materials are a good statement. What about a rattan armchair, for example? Also nice is a chair made of recycled PET bottles and wood. Combine this with a wooden table. This way, you can bring back the warmth of the summer into your interior.

3. Tableware

With tableware you can easily bring autumn/winter into your home. The nice thing about this is that it doesn't have to be expensive at all. A tea pot and nice cups quickly bring the autumn vibe into your home. With our tea varieties you will immediately get in the mood for the coming season.

4. Lights for every day

With some new home accessories in the kitchen, it's time to think about the light. Right now it's still light for a long time, but the days will soon be shorter. Time for candles! Go for super stylish with these sleek gold and white candle holders. They're nice to mix with natural materials such as wood, rattan and natural stone.

5. Curtains & bedding

In addition to all the home accessory changes, textiles can also make a major change to your interior. With our fabrics you can make your own curtains or tablecloths. Of course you can also go for ready-made products. In addition to a new quilt cover, you can make your bed even more cosy by adding some cushions and placing a throw blanket on top of it. Very simple, but it just gives you the feeling of an update in your interior.

It's up to you whether you make a complete turnaround or go for a few cleverly chosen accessories that have great impact. It's very stylish to give every room a little touch up in the coming season with that same colour. From cushions on the couch or at your dining table, to towels in the bathroom. Also fun: paint a stool or small table. Working with colour in your home in this way ensures a serene, stylish flow in your interior. All rooms fit together beautifully.