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Terms and Conditions for IKEA reviews

1. What are the main rules?

a. We can use your review to improve our products and services. In order for this to work, it is important that you give us your own honest review. And that you give us permission to use it.
b. These terms and conditions contain some extra rules. It's a good idea to read them carefully before submitting a review.
c. When you submit a review, you agree that IKEA will use it in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

2. What do you do with my personal data?

a. Read the IKEA privacy policy.
b. IKEA and the moderator of the reviews will see all the information you enter. The information you use when submitting your review can be used to improve our products and services.
c. If you provide your email address to IKEA in connection with the review, you agree that IKEA and external service providers may use this email address to contact you as part of your review. Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes.

3. Will my personal data be published on the site?

a. When creating a review, you can indicate whether or not IKEA may include your name in your review on the review site. Personal data other than your name will not be visible on the site. You can also post your review anonymously.
b. When filling out the form, it is important that you make sure that your personal data is only entered in the appropriate fields.

4. What do you do with my review?

a. When you submit a review, you give IKEA permission to use it to improve our products and services in the way that IKEA deems most appropriate. You cannot revoke this permission.
b. It is possible that your review will be translated and that IKEA will post it on other IKEA sites.
c. IKEA may also use the text of your review for publicity purposes (e.g. in advertising campaigns or on social media channels). In this case, your personal data will not be used, unless you have explicitly given permission for this at that time.

5. What will I get for leaving a review?

IKEA is very grateful for useful reviews. They help us to provide better products and service. However, providing a review is entirely voluntary.

6. When will I be able to see my review on the site?

a. Of course our customers only want to read useful reviews on our site. That's why a moderator checks reviews first, for example, for inappropriate language. This moderator can decide whether to post, edit or shorten your review.
b. When your review is posted, you will receive an email from the moderator.
c. It is possible that moderating will be partially automatic or carried out by means of random checks. Therefore, IKEA cannot guarantee that an inappropriate review will never be posted.
d. It is up to IKEA and/or the moderator to decide whether or not a review will be posted and whether or not it will be removed.

7. Who will see my review?

a. Visitors to the IKEA site or sites.
b. It is possible that other sites or organisations may copy your review or text from an IKEA site. IKEA has no influence over this.
c. In order for your review to be used by IKEA, it may be necessary to distribute the text internally or externally.
d. If your review is used for publicity purposes, the recipients or readers of your review will see it.

8. Can I withdraw or change my review?

It is not possible to change your review. If, after submitting the review, you would like it to be deleted, you can contact IKEA customer service.

9. Can I write anything?

a. You can write anything about IKEA products and services. But what you write must be accurate and complete.
b. In addition, reviews that contain inappropriate language are not permitted. For example, racist, discriminatory, offensive or hate speech is not allowed.
c. What you submit must be written by yourself. Plagiarism (copying), even partial, is not allowed. When you submit a review, you guarantee that your review will not infringe the intellectual property rights (such as copyright) of someone else.
d. Your review may only be about an IKEA product or service. Other information (such as references to other websites, or contact information) is not allowed. And, of course, you may not send any viruses, worms or other harmful IT-related items.
e. In general: your review must meet the requirements of the laws and regulations in the Netherlands.
f. You are of course responsible for the content of your own review.
g. It is up to IKEA and/or the moderator to decide whether your review complies with the terms and conditions. It isn't possible to discuss this.

10. Can I submit a review?

a. In order to submit a review, you must be at least 18 years old.
b. You may only submit a review if you have experience with the product or service you are writing about. We monitor reviews and check the contents to see if it corresponds with the description of the purchased product. This way we try to prevent reviews that are not the result of an actual purchase.
c. You may not submit a review if you receive remuneration (irrespective of the form) for doing so.