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Vases & bowls

Flowers come and go, but vases are for ever. When the flowers have lost their bloom, your vases won’t have lost theirs. Vases are part of your home, regardless of what’s in them. Great decorations any time of year.

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Flowers can add life and colour to a setting. But the shape and form of the vase will add a twist of its own. Be it modern glass or traditional ceramic, there’s always a place for a vase around the house. As a centre piece on the dining table. To add a fresh dash of green in that living room bookshelf. Or even as a way to get some extra privacy when placed on your window bays with large leafy plants.

Always ready with a glass vase set

Glass vases are timeless, always in style. The material has an ability to play with and bend natural light, creating vibrating illusions and contrasts. Different shapes and cuts of glass refract light in different ways, adding an extra dimension of decoration to your home. Different colours will also affect the look. A blue glass vase might have a touch of relaxed coolness about it, while a black one might show some quiet sophistication.

Together with a nicely cut bouquet, it’ll make for an elegant interior accessory in any room. Make sure you have at least a pair of glass vases, both for your own flower whims, but also for when you’re given flowers as a gift. That way, you never have to put beautiful bouquets in an unflattering vase.

How to fit your flowers to your vases

It’s said that flowers affect everything from our mood to our productivity. So, you’ll want them looking dashing when you place them in a carefully selected vase.

For the perfect vase arrangement, you might need to trim the stems of the bouquet. To ensure the right length, measure the stems against the flower vase, and cut them all so they’re slightly longer than the vase. When you’ve got them all the same length, make a secondary cut at the base at a 45-degree angle. This improves the surface area of the stem so it can absorb more water. And to make sure you don’t crush the stem while doing this, use a sharp pair of kitchen scissors or secateurs.