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Looking for a bookcase? The BILLY bookcase comes in small model and also as a whole bookcase wall. You can also use the KALLAX shelving unit as a room divider. The EKET series can be made to measure so it fits your wall perfectly. Play with colour and make it an eye-catcher.  

Use one of the separate handles to customise your own bookcase. You can also assemble your bookcase with the shelves at a slant and separate storage boxes.  

Bookcases: not just for bookworms

Do you dream of a wall covered with books? Or do your TV and family photos also have a spot in the bookcase? We have full wall systems that are a TV stand and bookcase all in one. But this page also shows small bookcases and classics like the BILLY bookcase. You'll find open cabinets, cabinets with doors and bookcases where bins and baskets can be slotted in. They range from 20 to 300 cm wide. And everything in-between. In short; you'll always be able to find an IKEA bookcase that suits you.