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Nursing, feeding & eating

Little ones are messy eaters. If they don't like the taste of something, they sometimes throw the whole lot on the floor! Fortunately, our baby plates can withstand rough treatment. They are also dishwasher and microwave-safe. And of course, the bib can go in the washing machine. We have some really fun children's tableware for toddlers and bigger kids. 

This is how you feed a child

'Here comes the aeroplane....!' What are all the ways you've tried to feed your child? Feeding becomes fun with our bright tableware. The plates, bowls and baby spoons are made of safe materials and can withstand being dropped on the floor over and over. You child is safe and comfortable sitting at the dinner table in a highchair, and they learn table manners in no time.

It's OK to play with your food and make a mess!

Feeding your child without a mess is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are bibs from IKEA. Our bibs are waterproof and protect clothes and skin from bits of food. They feel nice thanks to the soft material and have fun prints. A bib is also handy when painting, doing craft or baking with your child. After eating, it's time for nap. You can find good baby sleeping bags, soft blankets and a variety of different bedding sets in our range of baby textiles.