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Baby toys

At IKEA, you'll find baby toys in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for brightly coloured play mats, mobiles or toddle trucks. You'll have hours of fun playing with your child. Not just fun, educational, too!

Baby gym and toys 

Playing is good for babies' motor skills. It encourages them to crawl, sit independently and eventually to stand and walk. Our baby toys are divided into different age phases: 0+ months, 6+ months, 12+ months and 18+ months. So you'll know exactly when your baby can play safely with a baby gym, rattle or hammering block. 

Are you looking for wooden baby toys? Our MULA series is made up of wooden baby toys where the priority is your baby's development. The MULA stacker rings, toddle truck and shape sorter teach babies to walk and recognise shapes and colours while playing. The KLAPPA series is new baby toys made up of soft plush toys and play mats that are easy to wash in the washing machine when they get dirty. Check out our mobiles and play mats for little ones.