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Children's storage & organisation

The new SMÅSTAD system – storage for your growing kids

Are you looking for storage that suits your kids today and is easy to adapt and add to as they grow? Meet the new SMÅSTAD system.

See the SMÅSTAD system
Three white SMÅSTAD wall cabinets on a blue wall with the door of the middle cabinet slightly open showing games inside.
The pull-out unit on a SMÅSTAD wardrobe with a LÄTTHET hook and clip on it holding a string of beads and some photos.
A white SMÅSTAD wardrobe with pull-out unit in a child’s room by a white desk with FLISAT wall storage above holding books.
Three NÖJSAM boxes containing soft toys sit inside a SMÅSTAD box which has been pulled out from under a SMÅSTAD bench.
A white SMÅSTAD wardrobe with pull-out unit in a child’s room with clothes on the hanging rail and a bag leaning against it.
See the SMÅSTAD system

No more mess

Do you dream of a tidy childrens room? With the IKEA storage solutions you have enough space for all soft toys, arts & crafts, toys and clothing.

Tips about storage for your kids’ stuff that they will use, too.

Looking for child-friendly storage ideas?

You’ll find great tips here about children’s storage and how to help them store and organise their things themselves.

See child-friendly storage ideas

A tidy child's room

Our timeless toy storage solutions can last an entire childhood. They are specially designed to store all kinds of toys, craft supplies and dressing up clothes. We have a wide range of boxes, storage containers and elements to tidy everything up. For the moment anyway, because the next day you child's room will be full of toys again and the cleaning routine starts again. Oh well, as long as the little monsters help, clearing up can be fun!

Shelves and storage boxes for children

We may want them to stay small forever, but children grow up – fast! We believe their furniture should keep up with all the changes. Our children's storage is made to be used for years, from children's wardrobes with height-adjustable clothes rails to changing tables that you can convert into chests of drawers when your little one is (finally) out of nappies. Attach hooks and wall organisers to the wall and create even more storage space.