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Dressing tables

Your personal styling zone with room for all your make-up and hair accessories. That sounds like music to your ears. IKEA dressing tables are contemporary, practical and stylish. Your morning beauty routine will be a bit easier.

Looking beautiful at the dressing table

A dressing table is the place to take a moment in the morning to do your hair and make-up. There used to be a dressing table in every lady's room and now it's making a comeback. But IKEA dressing tables are not just for your appearance. With clever storage spaces such as drawers and compartments, they are also really handy to use as a small desk or side table.

Beauty and functionality

With an IKEA dressing table, you can easily store all your make-up, jewellery, hair accessories and skin care products. Some dressing tables have a mirror and handy compartments. Practical design and beauty go together easily. Your morning routine becomes a pleasure.