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Children's mattresses

A nice active day and a good night's sleep: the perfect balance for children! The children's mattresses from IKEA have fully removable and washable covers.

A mattress for every child's bed

The mattresses grow with your child and fit the extendable beds from IKEA. Your child will enjoy their mattress from young to old. Is your little one still sleeping in a cot? Choose a cot mattress from our wide range. Almost all the mattresses have passed the safety tests of the Dutch Consumers' Association June 2019.

Sweet dreams for years

Comfort is not the only thing that's important when choosing a mattress for small children. They also have to meet their night-time requirements for years. (Yes, accidents do happen.) Our children's mattresses breathe and relieve the pressure, and have a washable cover so your little one can always sleep in a fresh bed. Give your mattress extra protection with the waterproof NATTLIG mattress protector from IKEA. And with a lovely duvet, your child will sleep around the clock.