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Ceiling lamps

Those ceiling lamps really know how to hang. And they always steal the show, no matter what room they're in. Do you go for something inconspicuous or do you prefer a lamp in the spotlight? Have you seen the light?

The ceiling lamp steals the show

This lamp is always the centre of attention. It deserves to be seen, because it illuminates the space to a large extent. If you have a sleek, modern interior, a flat ceiling lamp is ideal. Or spotlights that can light up exactly the right place. And with a hanging eye catcher, you can completely steal the show. The choice is yours.

Is a light bulb going off?

A ceiling lamp is not complete without the right bulb. LED bulbs last a long time and use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Would you like to go a step further? Choose smart lighting. Operate your ceiling light with your voice or a motion sensor.