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Cables & chargers

It is not for nothing that smartphones, laptops and tablets are called 'mobile' devices: you can take them everywhere and use them – until the battery dies. That is why we have a wide range of cords, chargers and cables to ensure that you always stay connected. That way, you can start the day fully charged.

Always accessible with our cords and chargers

The digital revolution brought in a lot of great changes. We can contact each other across the world and have access to many technological apps and gadgets. But always being connected also means always having to recharge. At IKEA, you can. We have everything from wireless chargers, batteries and USB chargers to distribution boxes and cord management systems. Our LED desk lamp has a built-in charger. You only have to place your smart phone on the charger and it recharges automatically. We also have many products that are fitted with LED lighting. This is a sustainable option and will save you a lot of money. IKEA also has you covered for batteries. These can be used for different products such as cameras, toys, clocks and remote controls. We have coin cell batteries and alkaline batteries, but also battery chargers for rechargeable batteries.

Cable management and order

Keep your cords and cables neatly together with our cables and accessories for enjoying a clutter-free workplace. We have cable tidies that keep your cables together and create order out of cable chaos. Looking for a USB charger? Take a look at our range of USB chargers. We have chargers with clips, chargers with 3 ports and micro USBs. Watch your favourite series chilling on the sofa or in bed. You can get even more comfortable with a laptop stand or support for your tablet. Some of our laptop supports have a malleable underside, ideal for uneven surfaces. This keeps your laptop safely and securely on your lap so you can enjoy every hour of your film night.