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Bathroom mirrors

Blow-drying your hair, plucking your eyebrows or shaving - our bathroom mirrors are suitable for all personal care rituals. They are tested in a very wet environment and they also make your bathroom optically bigger! Who's the fairest in the land now?

With our bathroom mirrors you'll always look good

Every morning you're in front of the mirror getting ready for a new day. A good bathroom mirror makes this ritual easy and fun. Our range of mirrors includes integrated lighting and mirrors with a handy ledge. Are you lucky enough to have a big bathroom? Place a standing mirror in the space. Our mirror cabinets are super practical for things such as medication, make-up and toothpaste. This helps keep your bathroom is clean and tidy. We have elongated variants or mirrors you can install above the sink. Meticulous grooming, such as eyebrow plucking or beard trimming, can be done safely and precisely with our magnifying mirrors. Would you prefer a single make-up mirror? You can place it on the shelf in the bathroom, but also on your window sill or desk.

A bathroom mirror for every morning ritual.

Whether you spend hours in front of the mirror every morning or are ready in a flash, IKEA has a suitable mirror for every bathroom ritual. To perform this ritual flawlessly you need good bathroom lighting. Our spotlights have LED bulbs to shine their light right where you need it. To make your routine as comfortable as possible, bath textiles such as soft towels and a nice bath mat are indispensable. Make your bathroom cosy and inviting with the right bathroom accessories. Because a stylish bathroom will help you start the day feeling much more relaxed.