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Laptop tables

Working from home is on the rise and so is the demand for sturdy surfaces for laptops. Long hours by the computer screen is unavoidable when you have deadlines to meet and con calls to attend every hour. But when you have a laptop stand that keeps your device at the right angle, this routine can become less stressful. A standing  desk for a laptop helps you in maintaining a straight posture when you are working. Your back, neck and arms remain relaxed till it's time to shut the laptop by the end of the day. IKEA’s wide variety includes tables with a glass surface, desks with a wooden frame, portable stands, and even foldable trays. Browse through our attractive pieces and find the one that matches your requirements. The solution to fatigue and soreness, the best way to feel refreshed, a laptop stand that supports your device, as well as your professional and academic goals!

A standing desk for laptop keeps the screen at your eye level

Our lives today are ruled by electronic gadgets and their screens. While it is unavoidable to survive without them, there are definitely ways in which you can prevent its harmful impact, primarily your eyesight. If the screen is too close or far from your eyes, it can cause strain on your vision. Especially when you are working on a laptop for so long, it is necessary to keep it at the right distance. And this is the exact purpose of a standing desk.

If you are sitting on your couch, bed, or  chair with a laptop on your lap, IKEA’s portable laptop table would be a worthy investment. You tend to have a curve in your back and tighten the muscles in your neck when the laptop screen is below your eye level. When you match the display unit with your vision, as is done by a stand, it creates the ideal seating posture. And a comfortable arrangement keeps the mind alert and at ease. 

If you go through our tables section, you will find laptop desks with tall legs and a firm built. Despite being sleek and minimal, these products are extremely sturdy and can hold a considerable amount of weight on the  tablesurface. Airy designs offer increased leg room, so that you can keep the laptop at an appropriate distance from your face by adjusting your lower body.

A laptop table for bed avoids direct skin contact with electronic circuits

Placing the laptop on your lap, tapping away on the keyboard for hours is a quite common sight these days. While it might feel trivial in the beginning, the harmful effects of constantly sticking an electronic gadget to your body cannot be neglected. It is not a sustainable way of working in the longer run. By having the electric circuit and wires at a distance from you, a laptop table produces a safe environment. 

The bed trays available at IKEA are not just useful when it comes to a homely Sunday B&B. The smart design also comes handy when you want to work on your laptop from the comfort of your bed. One of the best features is that it comes with a hole through which you can pass the cables, in case your laptop needs to be charged. It has a surface wide enough to keep your files, books, coffee mug, and other essentials. There’s also a separate compartment to place your tablet or phone, allowing you to get a proper view.

The foldable legs of a laptop table for bed create enough distance between you and the electronic device. So, even though you are sitting in a relaxed position, you don’t run the risk of coming in close contact with electromagnetic frequency. It avoids long term heat exposure, and keeps your skin healthy. 

A foldable laptop table is an asset for small apartments

It is not always practical to have an entire workstation inside your bedroom. With your dressing table, wardrobe, and bed occupying most of the space, there’s barely any room left for a new piece of furniture. This is especially true when it comes to single room apartments and 1bhk flats. But why should you work in a confined space with all your stuff cluttered around when a foldable laptop table can do a fine job of creating the ideal work environment? 

Our collection of laptops includes foldable tables that can be used in any compact space. These designs typically have slim legs and a broad surface. Slide it next to a couch, or a bed for the most comfortable angle. This incredible home office keeps you focussed on your work even when you are in your living room. 

Too many furniture accessories can crowd a small apartment. It looks very chaotic and keeps you in a restless state. To concentrate on the task at hand and keep your mind calm, you need your surroundings well organised and accessible. And that is exactly what IKEA’s foldable laptop table does. Our products are designed with the intention to let you do your job easily from the convenience of your house. 

A laptop table improves the life of your laptop

Number crunching, writing a blog, or designing a website, no matter what your job is, your laptop is the most valuable asset on which your work relies. Keeping this electronic gadget in pristine condition will help you be more efficient in your professional commitments. That’s why you need an excellent frame to support it. A workstation, study desk, or even the dining table sometimes provide the right conditions for a work-from-home lifestyle. But, by purchasing a portable laptop table, you can improve the life of your laptop. Here’s how. 

When you’re working, there’s always a mug of chai or coffee right next to you. If you’re not careful enough, there’s always a risk of spilling some liquid on the keyboard. IKEA’s steady laptop stand has a cup holder next to the underframe. The surface remains dedicated only for your laptop, keeping it safe from any hardware malfunctions. Secondly, isn’t your laptop always prone to scratches and screen damage? But with proper support, you can keep these spoils at the lowest possible level. High tables with stable structures keep your laptop in place. Investing in this makes a lot more sense than paying for costly repairs.

Another aspect that determines the shelf life of a laptop is the heating process that occurs in the circuit. When a laptop remains in constant contact with a surface, the circuit tends to heat up after a point. This can lead to overheating, messing up with the internal electrical components. Keeping your laptop on an elevated surface, like a laptop riser, can improve the ventilation and distribute the heat evenly. With the coolness retained, your laptop can function much better. 

Minimum cleaning with a portable laptop table

Everyone knows how annoying it is to clean the house with so many furniture items everywhere. The more filled your home is with accessories, the longer it takes to clean and organise it properly. This is also applicable to your workstation. A well arranged and tidy study desk is the key to improved efficiency, sure, but keeping it in a spick-n-span state 24/7 is challenging. 

As a general rule, it is easier to clean furniture that is light, takes up minimal space, and requires negligible maintenance. A laptop riser, or a portable laptop table, checks all these criteria and gives you the benefit of picking up your vacuum cleaner only once in a while. Designs from IKEA have a timeless charm and remain in a similar state for years to come. 

The most useful feature of a laptop stand, when it comes to cleanliness, is that its very shape gives little to no scope for a mess. With no edges or gaps in its structure, there’s no dust accumulation. And since it takes up nominal floor space, sweeping and mopping becomes a piece of cake. A laptop stand for table demands no physical efforts whatsoever, but has undeniable utility.

A laptop stand for table can be stored conveniently

When it comes to furnishing a small house, the only right way to do it is by prioritising storage optimisation. Even if your house is large, a crowded decor with too many furniture items does not look visually pleasing. Instead, opting for products that blend gracefully with the walls and give an airy touch to the room will make for a gorgeous aesthetic. A wooden laptop table tops the list for a light and subtle interior. 

On weekends, when you’ve logged off from work, it’s time to unwind. But a workstation in your bedroom can make it difficult to relax. It can feel as though you’re unable to separate your professional and personal life. But when you have a laptop stand for table, thanks to its compact shape, you can keep it aside until Monday morning. That’s the best thing about IKEA’s models - you can store it in any corner of your house. A wall hook, space by your bedside, and even next to the living room couch. Even the tiniest space is large enough to accommodate these modest styles. 

We understand the importance of space effectiveness and incorporate it in our products. A laptop stand is a clever invention that serves its purpose, and keeps the area breathable. Its symmetric form adds a satisfying element to the overall decor. 

Typing becomes easier with a laptop bed table 

When placed incorrectly, your wrists can have a really bad time while typing on the keyboard. This awkward position can cause chronic pain. To avoid this, your laptop should be kept at a height that aligns with your elbows. 

The very purpose of a laptop bed  table is to ensure that all your body parts remain relaxed and at ease while your mind works relentlessly. When the display monitor matches your eyesight, and the keyboard supports a straight forearm, there you have it - an ergonomic setting for your work hours. Healthy muscles in your arm can reduce neck and shoulder problems in the future.

The stress of your job and other commitments can follow you no matter where you work from. Even from the comfort of your home, a bad body posture can worsen your headaches and exhaustion. A laptop stand corrects your seating form and in turn reduces your stress. From our wide collection of portable stands, you can find the one that best suits your needs on the basis of their shape, colour, material, and features. 

Finding the most attractive laptop tray for bed 

At IKEA’s website and store, there is no dearth of fashionable laptop tables. All our designs are unique, and despite the difference in their composition, they have an individual charm that appeals to all. IKEA’s product descriptions, along with your individual taste can guide you in taking home the most appropriate fit.

If you are looking for something traditional, something with old-school vibes, you can consider a laptop tray for  bed made of wood or bamboo. Natural composition is the first step toward creating a classy home interior. 

If traditional is not your style, maybe something modern is? Unconventional shapes with asymmetric patterns can enhance the aura of a modern apartment. Contemporary designs at IKEA are made of metal and tempered glass. Although they look light and airy, these models won’t disappoint you with their robust features. 

Tablet stands and laptop trays in subtle colours keep a warm aesthetic. Shades like white, beige, and even pastels, radiate elegance. The foldable laptop tables at IKEA have pleasant colour combinations. These pair well with a room that has minimalistic decor and light wall colours. 

At the end of the day, in whichever design you opt for, a laptop stand must encourage a healthy body posture. Our collection has been engineered to fit your laptop requirements. So go ahead and create the best telecommuting environment for yourself.