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Table & desk systems

Create a desk as unique as you are

Is your dream desk difficult to find? You can build your own customised modular table or desk with components from our collections. Channel your creativity into creating a desk that supports your unique way of working. Place storage drawers exactly where you like them to be. Mix and match the underframe type and colour with a choice of tabletop options. Add a noticeboard to your desk or inserts in your storage drawers to keep yourself more organised. When you want to go into zen mode, fix a screen to your desk to muffle distracting sounds and visuals. 

What shape will your desk be?

It’s likely to be somewhat rectangular, but just about every other aspect is yours to decide. Style, tabletop material, leg type and more. Do you want colours, patterns, perhaps wheels for mobility? Build your dream desk, start here.

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A softly sunlit workspace with a LAGKAPTEN-NÄRSPEL combo of tabletop and trestles, a SMÄLLEN chair and a FLÖNSA memo board.
A white-and-birch LAGKAPTEN desk with dried plants on paper on its tilted tabletop. A white lamp is clamped to the table.
A pine-effect MITTCIRKEL tabletop resting on green-metal TILLSLAG trestles placed on a graphic-pattern rug.
A room in a light-green colour scheme with A workspace with a LÅNGFJÄLL conference chair and a black FINNSTARR work lamp.
A colourful space with a workspace formed by a graphic-pattern LAGKAPTEN tabletop, OLOV legs and a NILSERIK standing support.
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More optionsTROTTEN Desk 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ")

TROTTEN Desk, beige/anthracite, 120x60 cmTROTTEN Desk, beige/white, 120x60 cmTROTTEN Desk, white, 120x60 cm

More optionsLINNMON / ADILS Table 100x60 cm (39 3/8x23 5/8 ")

LINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown/dark grey, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown/white, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown, 100x60 cm

More optionsTROTTEN Desk sit/stand 160x80 cm (63x31 1/2 ")

TROTTEN Desk sit/stand, beige/white, 160x80 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, black-brown/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, black-brown/dark grey, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, dark grey/black, 120x60 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk 140x60 cm (55 1/8x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, black-brown/dark grey, 140x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, black-brown/black, 140x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, white/dark grey, 140x60 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white/black-brown, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, black-brown/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, black-brown/white, 120x60 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN Table top 140x60 cm (55 1/8x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN Table top, black-brown, 140x60 cmLAGKAPTEN Table top, dark grey, 140x60 cmLAGKAPTEN Table top, white/anthracite, 140x60 cm

More optionsKALLAX / LAGKAPTEN Desk combination 147x159x147 cm (57 7/8x62 5/8x57 7/8 ")

KALLAX / LAGKAPTEN Desk combination, black/black-brown, 147x159x147 cm

More optionsBEKANT Desk 120x80 cm (47 1/4x31 1/2 ")

BEKANT Desk, white stained oak veneer/black, 120x80 cmBEKANT Desk, black stained ash veneer/black, 120x80 cmBEKANT Desk, black stained ash veneer/white, 120x80 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk 200x60 cm (78 3/4x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, black-brown/white, 200x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, black-brown/black, 200x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white/black-brown, 200x60 cm

More optionsTROTTEN Underframe for table top 120x60x75 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8x29 1/2 ")

TROTTEN Underframe for table top, white, 120x60x75 cm

More optionsLINNMON / OLOV Desk 100x60 cm (39 3/8x23 5/8 ")

LINNMON / OLOV Desk, black-brown/white, 100x60 cmLINNMON / OLOV Desk, dark grey/white, 100x60 cmLINNMON / OLOV Desk, dark grey/black, 100x60 cm
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A sunlit room with a long, five-legged desk combined by an oak-effect LAGKAPTEN tabletop and black ADILS legs.

Customise your desk with our planner tool

Plan your desk in detail and get it just right for its placement in your home, from measurements to style. The planner tool guides you through every step.

See the desk planner tool

A well-designed workspace enhances comfort and productivity

It is essential to have a work desk that is specifically created for the work that you do. Your desk layout should be both practical and attractive. Add ample storage for your supplies so that you have everything that you need within easy reach. Match standalone storage to your desk to create a cohesive look. Your workspace should keep you comfortable and enhance your productivity.

Assess your space

Before you design a desk, first measure and study the space available. A small room or corner space would need a desk that makes the most of the area. Your desk should be large enough without restricting your ability to move around it easily. Do not forget to factor in room for a chair when you measure your office space. You should be able to feel comfortable and not cramped in your work area. 

Create a desk that moves with you

Do long hours at your desk leave you with a stiff back? You may benefit from a desk that is height adjustable for maximum comfort. A tilting tabletop is essential for people who do a lot of drafting or drawing work. Sit-stand desks are ideal when you spend long hours at a desk. A sit-stand desk can be raised and lowered. Moving between sitting and standing helps you vary your posture and reduces the physical stress of being seated for long hours. This is scientifically proven to reduce the adverse health impact of being behind a desk all day. This can also boost your creativity and productivity by increasing the blood flow to the brain. Pair your sit-stand table with sit-stand seating for the best results. 

Ample storage for organised workspaces

Storage is essential for a work desk. Make the most of an under desk storage unit with drawer organiser inserts. For extensive storage needs, select a standalone unit with a combination of open and closed storage to suit your needs. Ensure that your storage cabinets and drawers have locks to keep sensitive documents and other items safe. Locks with keycards are a smart and easy to store solution. Select a tabletop size that is large enough for your needs. If you work in front of a computer, your desk should be deep enough to keep the monitor at a healthy distance from your eyes.

Add interest with shapes and colour

Offices do not have to be monochrome and boring. Desk elements in interesting shapes and colours add a dash of style and fun to your workspace. Our desks and cabinets are available in a range of colours and finishes. Let your personality shine through your choice of desk colour. Choose between trestles or legs in a range of interesting shapes and finishes to make your desk one of a kind. A custom desk sets your workspace apart. And when you do want more privacy than your space gives you, use an attached or freestanding screen around your desk. Screens also keep you free of visual distractions while you work.