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Dining sets

Durability, flexibility and good looks for the ideal dining set

The dining table is the meeting point for the whole family. Exceptional durability combined with beautiful designs makes every dining set from our collection the perfect centre of your home. Dining sets from our SKOGSTA / SAKARIAS offer you a beautiful natural tabletop combined with luxuriously upholstered armchairs. The cozy armchairs’ good looks are complemented by practical features such as machine washable covers. The chairs can be easily pushed under the table when not in use. 

A stylish dining set

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Festively set DANDERYD drop-leaf table with grey GLADELIG side plates, IHÅLLIG seagrass place mats, glasses and decorations.
An airy, light room with a DANDERYD drop-leaf table and two grey-and-white DANDERYD chairs beneath a TORARED sedge pendant.
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Dining room furniture for easy coordination

SANDSBERG series – Tables, chairs and bar stools with a sturdy and slim design
EKEDALEN series – Easy-to-extend dining tables with a price that’s easy to love
RÖNNINGE series – Create a homey feeling with soft, light wood
NORDVIKEN series – Classic-style furniture that works great in small spaces
INGATORP series – Turned legs and delicate lines for a traditional look
LISABO series – Sturdy and very easy to assemble but looks light and hand-crafted

The perfect table to be busy around

Beyond all the responsibilities of life, finding time to sit around the dining table with family and friends, and chat about your day while having dinner is one of the best ways to wind up your day.  A dining table is a space in a house where all the delicious meals are arrayed, the members of the house align and the best part of the day “eating” happens. This is why it is important to have a dining table that fits your entire family and friends. You can also get portable dining tables that can be carried around or adjustable ones that allow you to expand when there are more people in the house. A classy dining table with the perfect design and size is an excellent masterpiece for your dining room. Our pretty dining set collections would be an ornament to your tables. 

Form and function in perfect balance for the busiest place in the home

Choose from our dining sets online for sets that range from traditional and elegant to the most delightfully bright and colourful. All the dining sets in our collections are beautiful showpieces when guests are over and yet sturdy and easy to clean up after the kid’s activities. Even the natural wood finished table of the SKOGSTA / SAKARIAS dining set collection has an acacia wood tabletop that is scratch and water resistant and ideal for heavy-use. The armchair covers are machine washable. The transparent dining chairs in the OPPEBY/BACKARYD / TOBIAS dining set make a small room look bigger and maximise the light in the room. Most of the dining tables in our collections are easily extendable to accommodate unexpected guests. The extra leaves for all our extendable tables are stored in the table itself and the legs of the table do not interfere with the chairs when the table is extended.

Make the best choice 

You can build your dining tables from scratch using our manuals. You can buy a dining table or buy the whole set with 2,4,6,8 or more chairs to match the table. The STRANDTORP table collection has a sleek finish and chairs that could be used in your living rooms or office if needed. If you like chromatic colours, MELLTORP has white tables with black chairs and vice versa. You can customise your tables and chairs to your choice and liking, to match the ambience of your house. You can also check NORRAKER if you would like some extra colour in your space.  If you like to switch up the aesthetics and drop the chairs, you can get the EKEDALEN, which has benches on either side and can also seat more people. If you have a small space and think a dining table would take too much room, check out the INGATORP/STEFAN collection that comes with foldable ends. You can extend it when there are more people and keep it folded otherwise.  

There are round, square, and rectangle dining tables in various sizes for you to choose from. It is convenient to have extra space around our dining area, to make sure the table fits right and there is no disturbance for walking around. The HAVERUD/RASKOG has extra racks on the sides where you can hang your towel or spoons or use it as a space to keep anything you need handy. The racks are thin and tall and don’t need much space. Another option for a dining table with extra storage space is NORDEN/TERJE/ODGER that have drawers that can hold your table essentials like cups, plates and spoons or dining collections. 

Our products come with natural table tops, combined with upholstered chairs that match the tables. You can choose from a variety of chairs that come with machine washable covers, soft cushions, and arm support, in various colours and other options. The chairs or stools can easily slide under the table when not in use and can save space. 

An indisputable choice for fine dining

 Some of the essentials for a dining room are a table with chairs, stools, plates, bowls, spoons, knives, forks and dishes. Well, in short, a dining set! We have elegant and sophisticated dining sets that represent culture and remind us of our roots. Our beautiful showpieces are convenient to clean and hard to break. We have kid-friendly dinnerware as well. We have dining tables with an acacia wood table top  that is scratch and water-resistant, the perfect heavy use choice. The dining tables can be built at your convenience, and set in your favourite spot with armchairs with replaceable covers. These could be convenient if you have little kids or guests over.  

You could check out the OPPEBY/TOBIAS dining set that has transparent chairs that allow light to pass through and makes the room look bigger than it is. The tables have strong legs and elegant chairs that complement each other in design and space. 

One for all and all for one

 You can use the dining table as your workspace or as a study table for your kids. Our sturdy, durable and sometimes extendable dining tables allow you to complete office work, school homework, play board games and eat your favourite biryani with your family in the same place. If your dining space gets crowded with a lot of things, you can get the ones with the extra storage below or on the sides to keep the top squeaky clean.

Tables can be in any part of the house and serve their purpose without a doubt. Having a grand dining table in your house is a great way to wean the kids away from having meals in front of the TV. 

Don’t be shy when it's time to dine. Browse through our exquisite collections of dining sets to find your perfect piece and bring it home.