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Dining sets

You will find beautiful natural tabletops and luxuriously upholstered armchairs while you are browsing through IKEA's collection. IKEA has the best dining table set for you and your family. Different colours, styles, and designs will be available to suit your decor choice. Do you want a wooden dining table set or a metal one? No problem. There are so many colour variations for dining table sets that you will positively find the one you want for your home. 

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More optionsSANDSBERG / ADDE Table and 4 chairs 110x67 cm (43 1/4x26 3/8 ")

SANDSBERG / SANDSBERG Table and 4 chairs, black/black, 110x67 cmSANDSBERG / TEODORES Table and 4 chairs, black/black, 110x67 cmSANDSBERG / LIDÅS Table and 4 chairs, black/black/black/black, 110x67 cm

More optionsMELLTORP / ADDE Table and 4 chairs 125x75 cm (49 1/4x29 1/2 ")

MELLTORP / KÄTTIL Table and 4 chairs, white/Knisa light grey, 125 cmMELLTORP / LIDÅS Table and 4 chairs, white white/black/black, 125x75 cmMELLTORP / TEODORES Table and 4 chairs, white/white, 125x75 cm

More optionsSTRANDTORP / MÅRENÄS Table and 6 armchairs 150/205/260 cm (59/80 3/4/102 3/8 ")

STRANDTORP / TOBIAS Table and 6 chairs, brown/brown/red chrome-plated, 150/205/260 cmSTRANDTORP / MÅRENÄS Table and 6 armchairs, brown black/Gunnared red-brown, 150/205/260 cmSTRANDTORP / BERGMUND Table and 6 chairs, brown/Gunnared medium grey, 150/205/260 cm

More optionsLANEBERG / STEFAN Table and 4 chairs 130/190x80 cm (51 1/8/74 3/4x31 1/2 ")

LANEBERG / EKEDALEN Table and 4 chairs, brown-black dark brown/Orrsta light grey, 130/190x80 cmLANEBERG / INGOLF Table and 4 chairs, brown/brown-black, 130/190x80 cmLANEBERG / KARLJAN Table and 4 chairs, brown/dark grey dark grey, 130/190x80 cm

More optionsVANGSTA / ADDE Table and 6 chairs 120/180 cm (47 1/4/70 7/8 ")

VANGSTA / TEODORES Table and 6 chairs, white/white, 120/180 cmVANGSTA / JANINGE Table and 6 chairs, white/white, 120/180 cm

More optionsVANGSTA / ADDE Table and 4 chairs 120/180 cm (47 1/4/70 7/8 ")

VANGSTA / TEODORES Table and 4 chairs, black dark brown/black, 120/180 cmVANGSTA / KARLJAN Table and 4 chairs, black dark brown/Kabusa dark grey, 120/180 cmVANGSTA / KÄTTIL Table and 4 chairs, white/Knisa light grey, 120/180 cm

More optionsDANDERYD / INGOLF Table and 4 chairs 130x80 cm (51 1/8x31 1/2 ")

DANDERYD / INGOLF Table and 4 chairs, oak veneer white/white, 130x80 cmDANDERYD / DANDERYD Table and 4 chairs, oak veneer white/Vissle grey, 130x80 cmDANDERYD / BERGMUND Table and 4 chairs, black/Gunnared medium grey, 130 cm

More optionsMELLTORP / ADDE Table and 2 chairs 75x75 cm (29 1/2x29 1/2 ")

MELLTORP / NILSOVE Table and 2 chairs, white/rattan white, 75x75 cmMELLTORP / KÄTTIL Table and 2 chairs, white/Knisa light grey, 75 cmMELLTORP / LIDÅS Table and 2 chairs, white white/green white, 75x75 cm

More optionsEKEDALEN / EKEDALEN Table and 6 chairs 120/180 cm (47 1/4/70 7/8 ")

EKEDALEN / ODGER Table and 6 chairs, oak/blue, 120/180 cmEKEDALEN / EKEDALEN Table and 6 chairs, dark brown dark brown/Orrsta light grey, 120/180 cmEKEDALEN / ODGER Table and 6 chairs, oak/anthracite, 120/180 cm

More optionsINGATORP / INGOLF Table and 4 chairs 110/155 cm (43 1/4/61 ")

INGATORP / INGOLF Table and 4 chairs, white/Hallarp beige, 110/155 cmINGATORP / BERGMUND Table and 4 chairs, black/Kvillsfors dark blue/blue, 110/155 cmINGATORP / INGOLF Table and 4 chairs, black/brown-black, 110/155 cm

More optionsHÅVERUD / STIG Table and 2 stools 105 cm (41 3/8 ")

HÅVERUD / DALFRED Table and 2 stools, black/black, 105 cmHÅVERUD / RÅSKOG Table and 2 stools, black/black, 105 cm
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A new cool, calm and coordinated dining set

Form, function and an attractive price come together in the new GRÅSALA dining set. Its unique and robust design is inspired by the Bauhaus movement and seventies school furniture – adding a style boost to any room. The smart and sleek design and stackable chairs make the set perfect for small spaces.

A grey GRÅSALA dining set with four chairs in a small studio apartment with beauty products on the table top.
The side of a grey GRÅSALA table and two grey GRÅSALA chairs with a dark green curtain in the background.

Serve up on a table of solid wood

Whether stained with a deep warm colour like red or left in its natural state, a solid wood table always brings timeless character to your dining area. It creates an inviting setting for hanging out with friends as well as busy family suppers.

Two white NYMÅNE pendant lamps above two light brown and red stained PINNTORP tables surrounded by PINNTORP chairs.
A kitchen with a birch RÖNNINGE extendable table, two birch RÖNNINGE chairs and a bench, below a pendant lamp.

Dining room furniture for easy coordination

SANDSBERG series – Tables, chairs and bar stools with a sturdy and slim design
EKEDALEN series – Easy-to-extend dining tables with a price that’s easy to love
RÖNNINGE series – Create a homey feeling with soft, light wood
NORDVIKEN series – Classic-style furniture that works great in small spaces
INGATORP series – Turned legs and delicate lines for a traditional look
LISABO series – Sturdy and very easy to assemble but looks light and hand-crafted

Buy Dining Sets Online at IKEA

Dining tables sets are an essential part of a family home. Some bigger homes have a formal dining table used on special occasions and another one for daily use. But most people have one which is the centre of their family life. The entire family meets at the dining table. Families or loved ones enjoy each other's company while eating a delicious meal. For the perfect centre of your lovely home, IKEA presents dining table and chair sets whose characteristics can be described as durability, good looks, and flexibility.  

While checking out IKEA's selection, you will find dining table sets for up to two, four, six, or ten chairs. Family sizes are different from house to house so this way all different sized families can have a choice in IKEA. No one gets left behind. There are a wide variety of colours, shapes, and styles available for purchase for your comfy home.

A comfortable office lunch room is also possible with these tables. These dining table sets will fit right in the lunch area. During your long hours at the office, lunchtime is a great solace. But you need to move away from your office table or desk as a change is always refreshing. You can unwind and relax. Spend time with your colleagues and talk about anything other than work. Does your office have a small café or restaurant? No problem. An IKEA dining table set will look great and nicely blend in with the decor.

Coming together for a meal after a long day is the best way to loosen up. The best dining table set for you is just waiting for you to pick it out from the IKEA store. 

Things to Remember When Buying a Dining Table Set

A dining table set is an important piece of home furniture. Families get together to have a meal, spend time, and talk for hours. So, you must have a dining table for yourself and your house. Your home is a personal reflection of you and your taste. At IKEA, there is no shortage of styles, types, and designs for dining tables. Be it in the corner of your dining room for the best utilization of space or in the centre for that grand look.

  • A table's design is particularly important. Most dining table sets are rectangular in shape but round-shaped dining tables are sold too. With a round table, you can have free seating as no one is in the corner and it's easier to pass the serving dishes as they are within easy reach of all persons. See which shape suits your decor and which you like the most. It is your home and you get to decide how to decorate it.
  • The size of the dining table also matters. How much space will a table take in your house and how many people will be dining on this table on a daily basis? Two, four, six, or ten people? These things need to be decided in advance before going through IKEA's vast collection of dining table sets.
  • The material used to make the dining table set is important too. Personal preferences can vary and it depends on the decor of the rest of your home. Both can be equally classy. Do you want a wooden dining table set or a metal dining table set? Everybody has preferences about comfort levels so make sure to try out these chairs at the IKEA store. This way, you will know if you want a wooden or metal dining table set.
  • The height of the dining table should also be taken into consideration. If you have children, then the kids should be able to sit and stay safe while sitting at the dining table. Everybody knows children are always moving around even when they are sitting. So of course, the children must be comfortable and out of harm's way while they are eating their food. If your or your loved one is taller than average, the table's height must be kept in mind while shopping for dining table sets. Otherwise, the tall person will injure themselves. So to keep everyone safe, come to the IKEA store to try out the dining chairs and pick the right one for you and your family. Nothing to beat a look at the actual table to know what's right for you and your family. 

Maybe you have a small apartment or can't buy a large table due to the number of people living in the apartment. IKEA can help with that. These multifunctional tables don't take up much space. You can have a durable dining table which is foldable so it won't take up much space when you don't need them. This is another example of IKEA making practical furniture to suit all needs. The space-saving design is perfect for students living in dorm rooms or people living in compact apartments. The multifunctional tables also have storage compartments which are extremely helpful.  

Chairs are another important component of a dining table set. These dining table sets come with a wide range of chairs and a number of chairs. There are wooden or metal chairs. Would you prefer upholstered chairs or not? There are also foldable chairs if this kind of chair will be more suitable for your requirements. There are stools with certain table sets if you want to recreate the cafe experience in your home. You need to know these things before you shop for a dining table set. Come to the IKEA store and sit on these chairs to see which one suits you the best. 

Dining Table Sets for All your Needs - Home, Office, and Cafes

A dining table is perfect for everybody to sit and come together. This can happen anywhere, your home, office, or restaurant. Everybody understands the significance of the dining set in the home. You and your family eat amazing food at this dining table with everybody and become closer than ever.

At the office, a dining table set is the place where you get to know your colleagues. You will eat lunch and share stories with your work friends. During your lunch break, you and your work friends can bond about weird assignments and annoying bosses. Celebrate milestones and complain over deadlines with your friends while sitting at this table set. Or even plan how to work on assignments together. Your work friends are just as important as your family and other friends.

Want to open a cute café? Become an entrepreneur? These dining tables with bench will be a great addition to your café. With these restaurant tables and chairs, your guests will be comfortably seated and greatly enjoy their time. These foldable tables and chairs will be a great asset to your upcoming café. They can take as much space as you need them to. So, look around the IKEA collection.

Types of Dining Sets Available at IKEA

Dining is not just about food; it's about creating memories and a sense of togetherness. At IKEA, we offer a versatile selection of dining sets to complement your lifestyle and decor. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious dining room, we have a dining set for you. Let's explore the types of dining sets you can find in our collection:

2 Seater Dining Table Sets

2 seater dining table sets are intimate and cozy because they are designed for a pair of individuals. Ideal for couples or small apartments, this compact table set encourages close conversations and a sense of togetherness during meals.

4 Seater Dining Table Sets

The 4 seater dining table sets strike a balance between intimacy and functionality. Tthey suitable for small families, couples, or even individuals who occasionally host guests. This size offers enough space for comfortable dining and interaction while accommodating a broader range of social situations.

6 Seater Dining Table Sets

6 seater dining table sets are designed to comfortably seat six individuals, it's an excellent choice for medium-sized families, small dinner parties, or gatherings with friends. The added seating capacity encourages livelier discussions and shared experiences around the table. With enough space for dishes, decorations, and a centerpiece, the 6 seater table facilitates a more elaborate dining setup.

10 Seater Dining Table

The 10 seater dining table set is a grand and spacious option designed to accommodate larger gatherings and formal dining events. With seating for ten people, it exudes elegance and sophistication, creating a focal point for special occasions and celebrations. This table size encourages a sense of inclusivity, bringing together family members, friends, or colleagues for memorable meals.

Shape your Dining Table Set Your Way

Dining table sets come in various shapes, each offering unique advantages and aesthetic qualities. Here are some common shapes of dining tables:

Rectangular Dining Set

This is the most traditional and common shape. Rectangular tables provide ample space for seating and food placement, making them suitable for larger gatherings and formal dining rooms.

Round Dining Set

Round tables encourage conversation and create a sense of intimacy among diners. They work well in smaller spaces and can accommodate more people than their size might suggest, as there are no sharp corners that limit seating.

Square Dining Set

2-seater or 4-seater tables are a great choice for smaller dining areas or for creating a cozy atmosphere. These small table sets can facilitate easy conversation among a smaller group of people.

Oval Dining Set

Oval tables combine the benefits of both rectangular and round tables. They offer a similar space as rectangular tables while maintaining the friendly, conversational atmosphere of a round table.

Add a Dash of Colour to Your Dining Room

Modern dining table sets come in a vast array of colors, each contributing to the overall atmosphere and style of your dining space. Here are some popular color options and the effects they can create:

Natural Wood Tones

Natural wood tones, such as oak, walnut, and maple, evoke a sense of warmth and timeless elegance. Wooden dining table sets can seamlessly blend with various decor styles and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Lighter wood tones can make a room feel more open, while darker tones lend sophistication.

White or Light Colours

White or light-colored dining table and chair sets impart a clean, fresh, and airy feel to a room. They can visually expand a smaller space and serve as a versatile canvas for other colorful elements in your decor. White tables often suit contemporary and minimalist styles.

Dark Colours

Dark-colored dining tables, like deep brown or black, add a touch of drama and formality. They can anchor a room and create a sense of intimacy, making them well-suited for elegant or traditional settings. However, darker tables may require more maintenance to keep them looking pristine.

Bold or Vibrant Hues

Opting for a bold or vibrant dining table color, such as red, blue, or green, can infuse your space with personality and playfulness. These modern dining table sets become focal points and can be used to accentuate a specific theme or design concept.

Metal Finishes

Metallic finishes, like gold, silver, or brass, can bring a touch of glamour and luxury to your dining area. These finishes often work well as accents or in modern and industrial settings.

When selecting a color for your dining table chair set, consider the overall theme of your space, the existing color palette, and the mood you wish to evoke. Remember that the color of your table can significantly impact the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of your dining area.

Different Materials of IKEA Dining Table Sets

Dining table sets are crafted from a variety of materials, each offering distinct aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Here are some common materials used in dining table construction:


Wood is a classic and versatile choice for dining tables. Options like oak, walnut, maple, and cherry are popular due to their durability and natural beauty. Solid wooden dining tables can be stained or finished in various ways to match different styles. However, they may require occasional maintenance to prevent scratching and moisture damage.


Glass dining table sets add a sleek and modern touch to spaces. They create an illusion of space and allow the room's decor to shine through. While tempered glass is durable and resistant to heat, it's more prone to visible fingerprints and scratches, requiring frequent cleaning.


Metal tables, often featuring steel or aluminum frames, provide an industrial or contemporary look. These tables are durable and easy to clean, but they can be susceptible to dents and scratches. Metal tables are often paired with other materials like glass or wood for added visual interest.


Veneer dining table sets feature a thin layer of high-quality wood over a less expensive core material. They offer the look of solid wood at a more affordable price, but they may not be as durable and can be sensitive to moisture and heat.

Marble or Stone

Marble or stone tabletops exude elegance and luxury. They are durable and resistant to heat, making them suitable for high-end dining experiences. However, they can be heavy and require regular sealing to prevent staining.


Plastic dining table sets offer affordability, lightweight design, and a wide range of colors and styles. They're easy to clean and resistant to moisture, making them suitable for outdoor use. While less durable than other materials, they can be a practical option for casual dining areas or temporary setups.


Bamboo tables showcase natural beauty, sustainability, and a tropical vibe. They're lightweight, eco-friendly, and resistant to moisture. Bamboo's strength and flexibility make it suitable for various table shapes and styles. Regular maintenance and protection against extreme humidity are necessary to prevent warping.


Rattan dining table sets emanate a bohemian or coastal charm with their woven texture. These tables are lightweight, making them easy to move, and are often paired with glass or wood tops. While durable, they're more suited for indoor use or covered outdoor spaces to avoid weather-related wear and tear.Choosing the right material depends on your style preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Consider factors like durability, maintenance, and how well the material complements your existing decor when making your decision.

How to Care for and Maintain a Dining Set?

Caring for and maintaining a dining table set will help preserve its beauty and extend its lifespan. Here are some tips to help you keep your dining table set in great condition:

Regular Cleaning

Wiping the table surface after each use with a soft, damp cloth is essential to remove dust and spills promptly. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could scratch or damage the table's finish. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Use Placemats and Coasters

To protect the dining table set from heat, moisture, and potential scratches, make sure to use placemats and coasters under dishes, glasses, and other items.

Protect from Heat and Moisture

Always use trivets or heat-resistant pads under hot dishes, pots, and pans to prevent heat damage to the table's surface. Additionally, wipe up spills immediately to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood and causing warping or staining.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade and damage the table's finish. Consider using curtains or blinds to minimize sun exposure and prevent fading.

Avoid Heavy Weight

Exercise caution when placing heavy objects on the table, as excessive weight can lead to structural damage or warping.

Proper care and maintenance will vary depending on the specific material and finish of your dining table set. So, refer to the manufacturer's care instructions for the best practices tailored to your table's construction and materials.


What types of dining table sets are available at IKEA

There are many different types of dining table sets available at IKEA like 2-seater dining table sets, 4-seater dining table sets, 6-seater dining table sets, and 10-seater dining table sets.

What materials are dining table sets made from?

IKEA dining table sets are made from durable materials such as wooden, veneers, metal, fabric, and plastic.

How do I choose the right dining table size for my space?

Measure your dining area's dimensions, allowing enough space for chairs and movement. A common rule is to leave 24-30 inches of space around the table for comfortable seating and mobility.

Are the dining table sets easy to assemble

IKEA dining table sets are easy to assemble and come with a detailed instruction manual for maximum clarity.

What is the recommended material for an ideal dining table?

Solid wood offers more durability and can withstand daily use. It can also be refinished if needed, making it one of the best choices for a dining table.

What is the recommended shape for a dining table?

Rectangular tables are versatile and space-efficient, accommodating more people comfortably. They suit various dining room sizes and styles, allowing for easy placement and interaction during meals. Round tables foster intimate conversations due to their lack of corners, ideal for smaller spaces. They encourage inclusive discussions and offer a cozy dining experience, although seating capacity might be slightly limited.