Shelving units

Let your shelf be a projection of yourself

Spacious and neat, you can display all your beautiful objects in our well-designed shelving units. Created in different sizes, colours and designs, our shelves can be placed on the floor or on the wall of your home. Our collections make it possible for you to combine shelves, cabinets, drawers and other storages to build a unit that suits your home. Our EKET series is a range of modular storage cabinets that make storage a lot more personal. They have single wall shelves, cabinets and cabinet combinations - all in various sizes and colours that can be stacked, hung or combined.

Storage for one and storage for all

Too many things in your home that don’t have a set place? You might have some collectables that you want to showcase and some you might want to keep away. With our range of cabinets and shelves, you can do both. Place all your favourite books on our wall shelves or store away cables and wires in our cabinets. Our Shelving Units come in different sizes, designs and colours to suit every room. Browse through our EKET series for wall-based cabinet combinations or cabinets that can be placed on your floor. Choose from different sizes and designs such as single cabinets, cabinets with a varying number of drawers, single shelves and cabinet combinations with wall shelves. Your kids can get their very own cabinet or wall shelf for their books, toys or trophies. You are sure to find a storage unit that's not just perfect for your living room but for your bedrooms as well.