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Shelving units

Let your shelf be a projection of yourself


Spacious and neat, you can display all your beautiful objects in our well-designed shelving units. Created in different sizes, colours and designs, our shelves can be placed on the floor or on the wall of your home. Our collections make it possible for you to combine shelves, cabinets, drawers and other storages to build a unit that suits your home. Our EKET series is a range of modular storage cabinets that make storage a lot more personal. They have single wall shelves, cabinets and cabinet combinations - all in various sizes and colours that can be stacked, hung or combined.

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More optionsKALLAX Shelving unit with 4 inserts 147x147 cm (57 7/8x57 7/8 ")

KALLAX Shelving unit with 4 inserts, white stained oak effect, 147x147 cmKALLAX Shelving unit with 4 inserts, black-brown, 147x147 cm

More optionsSKRUVBY Storage combination 130x140 cm (51 1/8x55 1/8 ")

SKRUVBY Storage combination, black-blue, 130x140 cm

More optionsKALLAX Shelving unit with 4 inserts 77x147 cm (30 3/8x57 7/8 ")

KALLAX Shelving unit with 4 inserts, white stained oak effect, 147x77 cmKALLAX Shelving unit with 4 inserts, black-brown, 77x147 cm

More optionsKALLAX Shelving unit 77x147 cm (30 3/8x57 7/8 ")

KALLAX Shelving unit, white stained oak effect, 77x147 cmKALLAX Shelving unit, black-brown, 77x147 cmKALLAX Shelving unit, grey/wood effect, 77x147 cm

More optionsVARBY Corner shelf unit 53x155 cm (20 7/8x61 ")

VARBY Corner shelf unit, grey/brown, 53x155 cmVARBY Corner shelf unit, black-brown, 53x155 cm

More optionsKALLAX Shelving unit with underframe 147x164 cm (57 7/8x64 5/8 ")

KALLAX Shelving unit with underframe, white stained oak effect/white, 147x164 cmKALLAX Shelving unit with underframe, white stained oak effect/black, 147x164 cmKALLAX Shelving unit with underframe, black-brown/black, 147x164 cm

More optionsKALLAX / LINNMON Desk combination 147x139x147 cm (57 7/8x54 3/4x57 7/8 ")

KALLAX / LINNMON Desk combination, white, 147x139x147 cm
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Storage for one and storage for all

Too many things in your home that don’t have a set place? You might have some collectables that you want to showcase and some you might want to keep away. With our range of cabinets and shelves, you can do both. Place all your favourite books on our wall shelves or store away cables and wires in our cabinets. Our Shelving Units come in different sizes, designs and colours to suit every room. Browse through our EKET series for wall-based cabinet combinations or cabinets that can be placed on your floor. Choose from different sizes and designs such as single cabinets, cabinets with a varying number of drawers, single shelves and cabinet combinations with wall shelves. Your kids can get their very own cabinet or wall shelf for their books, toys or trophies. You are sure to find a storage unit that's not just perfect for your living room but for your bedrooms as well.

Benefits of using shelves

  • Add personality to the room: Concealed shelving is ideal for storage, but open shelves allow you to display items that make your space unique and personalised.
  • Add functionality: If your home is smaller, shelves can replace the need for bulkier furniture items. A design such as the SVALNÄS model with two drawers can serve as a shelf and a desk with two drawers. 
  • Create layers of access: If you have children in your home, you can place items on higher shelves to keep them out of the reach of children. You can use baskets in the lower shelves to hold toys, playthings and art supplies for the children to access. 
  • Add colour and function to a wall: Often, a blank wall with no furniture would be left empty or used to display pictures. Shelving adds storage and decorative functionality to the wall. 
  • Use space: Shelving does not take up floor space but adds a whole lot of storage to your room. A corner shelf makes use of an area that may otherwise be ignored. 
  • Organise: Shelves are easy to organise when you use baskets and boxes to organise and sort the items you store. Decorative boxes make the shelves look attractive while also hiding away the clutter. 

Ideas for decorating a shelf

Shelves are useful for storing things and displaying decorative items. You can decorate a shelf with:

  • Souvenirs and collectables that you like
  • Personal memorabilia or photographs
  • Books
  • Decorative items
  • Vases or plants

Tips for shelf decor

Avoid cluttering the shelf with too many items. Try to place one large or eye-catching item with smaller items. Arranging objects in groups of three make them more pleasing to the eye. Odd numbers of things usually work better than even ones. Rotate the items that you display on the shelf to keep them interesting. Instead of filling all the shelves with store-bought items at one go, add things that have personal meaning to you. 

Types of shelves

  • Bracket shelves: These shelves are supported by brackets that are usually inverted L shape. In the SVALNÄS design the brackets support the shelf from above instead of below the shelf for a distinctive look.
  • Built-in shelves: These are shelves that have been built into nooks and alcoves in the home. If you do not have built-in shelving, you can recreate the look with the HAVSTA shelving unit with a plinth. 
  • Floating shelves: These shelves are fixed to the wall with concealed fixing devices that make them appear floating. They are an eye-catching way to decorate an empty wall. The LACK wall shelf is a floating shelf that can be used individually, stacked or offset along a wall. The EKET cabinet is similar to a wall shelf with an enclosed cabinet style. 
  • Corner shelf: A corner shelf is designed to fit into a corner of the room. The VARBY corner shelf unit is one such shelf unit that can simply be placed in an unused corner of the home.  

Shelf spacing for a bookshelf

The average spacing of the shelves of a bookshelf is 8 to 12-inches. If your collection of books has a good number of taller books, consider a larger spacing for one of the shelves.