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Gaming chairs

Has your back as you do battle in alternate worlds

An ergonomically designed gaming chair is a must-have for gamers who spend hours at play. Sitting without proper support is very hard on the body. A good gaming chair is designed to keep you in a neutral and comfortable posture. Good posture eliminates strain on the body and prevents aches, pains and health issues. 

Your gaming throne awaits you

Gaming is a fascinating sport that transports you to other worlds and challenges beyond imagination. While it stimulates your mind, reflexes and skills, it does require you to be seated for a long time. When you sit in a chair that is not designed for gaming, you may start to slump forward and hold your body stiffly. This causes strained and sore muscles as well as an aching back. In the long term, it could also cause health issues. Being comfortable is essential so that you can focus on your gameplay. You may also be tempted to swap your regular office chair with a gaming chair to enjoy its ergonomic comfort while at work as well as play. 

Choosing a gaming chair

When you choose a gaming chair, pick one that looks good and also offers overall support. Pay attention to details and specifications such as:

Material: Our gaming chairs come in options of a leather-like material and a polyester mesh. The leather-like chairs are easier to wipe clean but have less air circulation than a mesh chair. If your gaming environment is cool, both options would be suitable. But, if you tend to overheat easily, a mesh chair is more appropriate. It may be slightly more difficult to clean but it is the most breathable seat that you can use. 

Style: A gaming chair that is very sporty in design may be good for a dedicated gaming setup. Our gaming chairs have all the features that you require and subtle gaming elements. The shape and detailing of the chairs have hints of sportiness. But, they can very easily be used in an office as well.

Size: A gaming chair should support your entire body. Select a gaming chair that is tall and wide enough to support you well.

Armrests: If you play games without good support for your arms, you may strain your wrist and well as elbows. This could also cause shoulder and backaches. For maximum comfort, choose a chair that allows you to adjust the armrests to suit your preferences.

Lumbar support: The small of your back needs support to maintain a natural curve. Ensure that your gaming chair has adequate lumbar support to prevent back issues.

Adjustable headrest: An adjustable headrest helps you optimise the head and neck support to suit you. It also allows you to adjust the chair for use when you are in between games.

Height adjustable: A height-adjustable chair is essential to keep you seated at the correct height in relation to the gaming desk.

High-quality foam and frame: Gaming chairs support the entire weight of your body for long periods. The use of high-quality density foam ensures that your chair maintains its shape and cushioning over time. A chair frame that is made to last is essential to be stable with prolonged use.

Synchronised tilt: A chair that only tilts the backrest is not suitable for gaming. A synchronised tilt moves the seat of the chair with the back of the chair. This helps maintain the angle between your legs and back at all tilt levels. 

Easy adjustment: When the chair is easy to adjust, you can quickly adapt it to suit your needs without losing focus on your game.

Reasons to buy a gaming chair

Comfort: A gaming chair is far more comfortable than a sofa or an office chair. The ergonomics of a gaming chair are specifically designed to support the entire body during gaming.

Health: The optimal support that a gaming chair offers prevents many health issues resulting from being seated for long hours.